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    Ruby Boots, AKA Bex Chilcott has been residing in Nashville for the last 12 months. It’s one of the places where she feels at home, but it’s provided her with yet another journey. 

    “I’ve learnt over the years to really not have expectations,” she says down the line from Detroit, where she travelled recently to catch Tom Petty in concert. “I feel that amplifies the journey a little more. So I went to Nashville with a really open mind.  Obviously, I had a goal to write my record, but I didn’t know how I was going to get there.”


    Heavy rock revivalists, Legacy Of Supremacy, have released their long-awaited second album, The Morning After. ATS pinned down singer/guitarist Jacob Kenny and found a strong family connection running through his music.

    The son of local guitar legend, Ian Kenny – who played every pub in and around town for many years with his outfit True Colours – Jacob Kenny doesn’t hesitate to sing his Dad’s praises and influence.


    Indie-pop outfit, Young Robin, have released a new single, Stay. It’s a song that quite appropriately had an unsure beginning.

    “This song started with a riff Ben (Teune, guitar) had over a year ago,” explains bass player, Hamish Graham. “We liked the riff but sat on it for a while, not sure where it should go, until one day it just started coming together and pretty soon we had the song finished.

    “The song itself is about being in a point in life where you're faced with making a tough decision and being unsure which way to go.”

  • ALL ACTION WRESTLING – can’t find a beta man

    Pic: Everything's Alpha

    Mild-mannered music reporter, Bob Gordon, has never felt so threatened near the ring. Bundled into the boot of a Statesman Deville he was later threatened at chair-point then forced to sit on it and interview All Action Wrestling impresario, Marc Midas, lest he never don platform-heels again. After a quarter-century of interviewing showbiz assholes, the ATS Editor’s discovered a whole new breed...

    What is your role in this damnation? Are you some kind of ringmaster? 

  • Top 10 Punk Rock Songs from 1977 (or thereabouts)

    As a follow up to his 40th Anniversary of punk article, Nick Sheppard lists his Top 10 Punk Songs from the year that stated it all. 

    1: 1977 – The Clash


    Greg Dear returned to the Perth music scene a couple of years ago after immersing himself in a career in forensics. Two new Beautiful Losers albums, Fade Out (2015) and Owls (2017) have been released, but appropriately they were preceded by a compilation, Cherry Pickings, which collected and thereby preserved some important recordings from his past.


    For a long time in Australia, dancehall and reggae music has been ticking over within its largely underground subculture. DJ Ragz is an icon of these genres in Australia, respected for his roles as DJ, radio show producer, youth mentor and Caribbean Assoc of South Australia Chairperson – providing a stronger vision and voice for artists, events and music around the genres born from Jamaica.


    The funeral for WA music industry giant, John Petkovich, aka Pecko, was held on Tuesday, September 5. Respected Perth guitarist and founder of GuitarCloud, Jaime Page, reflects here on the passing of her bandmate, mentor and dear friend...

    So, here I am reflecting on the day we said goodbye to Pecko.

    I have found it impossible to write what I feel in recent weeks, but now is the time to put the pieces together and pay tribute to the man.


    They may have seemed a little quieter of late, but the three-piece-storm that is Pat Chow is back with a new single, Green Eyes. It’s a song with its own unique history and conception.


    Alt-rock/post-punk outfit DIY Rainclouds have just released a new single, Alibi, a song conceived via something of an accidental sonic detour.

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