Heavy rock revivalists, Legacy Of Supremacy, have released their long-awaited second album, The Morning After. ATS pinned down singer/guitarist Jacob Kenny and found a strong family connection running through his music.

    The son of local guitar legend, Ian Kenny – who played every pub in and around town for many years with his outfit True Colours – Jacob Kenny doesn’t hesitate to sing his Dad’s praises and influence.


    Photo: JD Photography

    As bassist for Punchbowl alt-legends Hard-Ons, Ray Ahn forged a joint career as a member of the uncompromising punk band and the artist behind most of their album covers and gig posters.

    Ahn juggles a record store day-job with his various creative pursuits. Starman Books, based right here in Perth, has just released a compendium of some 750 pieces of Ahn’s art in the suitably titled The Art Of Ray Ahn hardcover book.

  • REVIEW: X - X-citations

    X - X-citations (The Best of X & Rarities, Vol 1)

    Zenith Records

    Unlike most ‘best of’ collections, X-citations isn’t a glossy compilation of radio friendly hits neatly packaged together for aging fans to relive their glory days – X didn’t have any ‘hits’ per se, for starters.


    There have been few Australian bands to embrace primal chaos as enthusiastically as X, formed by singer (and later guitarist) Steve Lucas and the late ex-Rose Tattoo bassist Ian Rilen in 1977.

    With a new ‘Best Of’ compilation under his arm, Lucas has assembled a new line-up of X, and returns to Western Australia for the first time since the band imploded on-stage in Fremantle supporting The Ramones in the late ‘80s.


    Photo: J'aime Fazackerley Photography

    Hot on the heels of the release of their second album High Visceral {Part 2}, ATS catches up with singer/guitarist/songwriter, Jack McEwan, to delve into the trippy world of the hilariously-but-awkwardly named Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – starting with the name itself.


    From a song to cheer up a miserable friend to an ambitious plan to record a song every day for a year to raise $100,000 for charity: this is the Songs And Smiles story, led by Perth musician, Clayton Mitchell.

  • cognitive thinking

    Eclectic locals The Space Between have taken the unusual step of naming their debut EP, Swansongs – a name generally reserved for the final activity or performance of an artist’s career.

    Bassist Zane Bullock maintains that the four track EP is neither the beginning nor the ending of The Space Between… yet.

    Formed three years ago – two with the current line-up – The Space Between were initially a casual affair for the foursome, with all having busy lives and alternate musical endeavours.


    WA prog-metal heroes Voyager have released their epic sixth album, Ghost Mile, hailed by some as their best.

    “I really do think it’s a natural progression from our previous albums,” singer, Daniel Estrin explains, “especially because it's the second album that's been done with a consistent line-up. The first four had a different line-up on each album, and there had been consistent progression there, but this one has just really taken it a step further.”


    Last in Perth as part of the 2014 Soundwave tour, where they were a major highlight of the festival despite being relegated to a short set on a small side stage, Living Colour are set to make a much-anticipated return with a headline show at the Astor Theatre, on Friday, May 19.


    Legendary punk power pop protest pub rockers Painters & Dockers return to WA for the first time in 20 years this week. Singer and mainstay of the band for some 35 years, Paulie Stewart, has plenty of stories to tell.

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