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    Third time lucky. That's what ever-positive Fremantle-based singer songwriter Rose Parker reckons.

    Parker has just released her debut solo album. It's been a long time coming and there were at least two previous attempts to record what would become Under The Same Sun.

    “I went into the studio and got started and then for various reasons like hard drives getting dropped and people losing everything...,” she laughs before continuing, “there were a number of disasters that occurred.”

  • Glen Campbell Remembered

    Long before Glen Campbell’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease was made public it was obvious he was struggling with his memory.


    Pete Murray is feeling the pressure. Not to see if his brand-new album, Camacho, can match the success of previous releases – four top 10 albums, three of them reaching number one - but simply to see if an album into which he has invested so much of his time and energy will find an audience. 

    And he doesn't just want an audience for 2017, he is hoping Camacho will be still be being played and enjoyed in 50 years.


    Jack Pierce looks at his diary for the rest of the year. For most of it, Pierce and his twin Patrick, who perform as the duo The Pierce Brothers, will be travelling the world playing shows.

    Despite the fact they have just released The Records Were Ours, the first of three EPs they will put out this year, they are already looking at days off between performances when they can get down to the serious business of writing and demoing an album.


    Pic: Chris Cornell, Perth Concert Hall, October 10, 2011. Photography by Denis Radacic

    In memory of the passing of Soundgarden/Audioslave vocalist, Chris Cornell, we revisit Polly Coufos' review of his solo show at the Perth Concert Hall some six years back. This review was first published in The Australian on Wednesday, October 13, 2011. 

    Chris Cornell

    Perth Concert Hall

    Monday, October 10, 2011


    Multi-faceted WA singer/songwriter, Steve Hensby, launches his new, self-titled double album at Ellington Jazz Club on Wednesday, May 17. 


    For a (seemingly) part-time band POND sure seem to keep busy. The Perth-based psychedelic rockers have just released a new album, The Weather, their seventh since January, 2008.

    Their history has been closely linked with that of Tame Impala, a band they share members, producers and general history since coming together in the Perth music scene in the early part of the last decade.


    Melody Pool writes songs about her life. Maybe they are her life. Telling the truth in this fashion may make great art, but she is under no illusion that this art does not come without cost.

  • Harvey Fresh

    Contemporary country artist, Belle Harvey, has a new single up her sleeve and a long-awaited solo album due for release. Actually, ‘long-awaited’ is something of an understatement.

  • The Rise Of The Record Club

    The Newport Record Club has become a bona fide Thursday night institution in Fremantle as it celebrates a diversity of classic albums.