Perth singer/songwriter, Em Burrows, has become a striking presence on the WA music scene, since the dissolution of her previous band Lammas Tide saw her emerge as a solo artist with the release of a debut EP, Solitary Sounds, and its excellent single, Paces, in 2016.

    It was a big step forward, in a lot of ways, but one she was certainly ready for.


    For Band Of Missfits guitarist/frontwoman Kym Redmond, life hasn’t always been easy, but her reignited passion for music has helped bring her to a happy place.

    “I started singing when I was around five years-old,” Redmond reminisces. “I used to put on the headphones and listen to mum and dad’s ‘70s and ‘80s records - anything from Guilty by Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb to Toto to the Beatles.


    For Tom Mathieson, AKA Perth hip hop artist, Mathas, the past year has represented a time to immerse himself once again in the creative realm, taking all that was learnt from the life-cycle of his acclaimed 2015 Armwrestling Atlas album and using it as a launch-point for both inspiration and renewal.


    How cool is Kim Deal? Well, when The Dandy Warhols, a band who tried very hard to be the coolest band on the planet, wanted to record a song about the coolest person they could think of, they wrote Cool As Kim Deal.


    After a massive six months which saw Aussie blues’n’roots favourite Ash Grunwald play the Australian Open, tour Spain, support Midnight Oil and Jimmy Barnes and play the Blues At Bridgetown 25th anniversary, he is back with a stomping new blues single in You Ain’t My Problem Any More and a run of seven WA dates in nine days.

    It would certainly seem – even with financial concerns aside - that Ash Grunwald enjoys keeping busy and pushing himself.


    Addison Axe and Vanessa Thornton are only just back from touring the East Coast with The Tommyhawks, but that doesn’t stop them firing along on their new endeavour, The Canon Ball, a celebration of female creativity.  

    “Addison’s more energetic and motivated and I’m more thoughtful,” Thornton (also of Jebediah and Axe Girl) says. “That’s why she gets things done and I think about things.”

    Either way, it’s working. The Canon Ball at first glimpse may appear simply to be the name of a gig, but it’s something of a movement really. And it’s ongoing.


    He is most famous as the bass player of Spinal Tap, but Derek Smalls finally comes into his own with the release of his long-awaited solo album, Smalls Change (Meditations Upon Ageing), on April 13. With You Am I soon to kick-off their The Majesty Of Tap East Coast tour (dates below), we asked guitarist, Davey Lane, to have a little chat with Smalls about the new album and  indeed, a life spent on tap... 

    (DL) Hi, may I speak to Derek please?

    (DS) Yes, this is he.


    In 1981, a trio of likely lads from Newcastle Upon Tyne in England’s far north in a band called Venom released an album called Welcome To Hell, which immediately influenced thousands.

    Spinoff, Venom Inc, are currently touring Australia, and this is the origin story of the originators of Black Metal, the progenitors of speed and thrash metal, and the genesis of every other extreme metal sub-genre since, as told by original drummer, Tony ‘Abaddon’ Bray.


    Danielle Caruana, aka Mama Kin, knows all too well that in the music business there is music and then there is business. It simply can’t be avoided.

    “I’m four albums in to making music,” she says, “but I still forget that once you finish the album there’s a whole other body of work. And it’s not the body of work I particularly enjoy – photoshoots, video shoots, artwork.


    Sarah Blasko has changed things up yet again, with the writing and recording of her newly-released sixth album, Depth Of Field.

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