• The Rooster Years

    Pic: James Croucher

    The combination of Charlie Owen, Don Walker and Tex Perkins as the commanding trio known as Tex, Don & Charlie was an unexpected and immersive surprise when they released and toured 1993’s Sad But True album.


    There’s several points along the way in Meal Tickets, Mat De Koning's documentary which follows the punk rock journey of the Screwtop Detonators, their inept-roadie-cum-aspiring-rock-star Will Stoker, lothario manager Dave Kavanagh and multiple others, where someone either off-camera or on, mutters something along the lines of, ‘oh, so you’ve brought your camera then, Mat?’


    John Phatorous has been at this for decades. He has not wavered. His love of rock’n’roll speaks to the truest sense of that ‘Mission From God’ - meaningful and occasionally meaningless and both of equal importance.

    “Rock’n’roll is its own gift,” he says. “If you love it. Like many things in life.”

    Phatorous’ softly-spoken and gentle nature is belied by an onstage presence that says, assuredly, ‘We mean business here. And if you do not, then I mean enough business for the both of us’.


    Pete Murray is feeling the pressure. Not to see if his brand-new album, Camacho, can match the success of previous releases – four top 10 albums, three of them reaching number one - but simply to see if an album into which he has invested so much of his time and energy will find an audience. 

    And he doesn't just want an audience for 2017, he is hoping Camacho will be still be being played and enjoyed in 50 years.


    Pic: Linda Dunjey

    Around The Sound and WAM - Celebration of the WA Music Industry

    Gate One Theatre, Claremont Showgrounds

    Saturday, June 10, 2017

    Richard Gerver is a formidable, yet utterly friendly presence. That’s what makes him one of the world’s best public speakers in a career that sees him travelling the world consulting different industries on what is perhaps the most pertinent topic in business and life in 2017 – coping with change.


    Internationally renowned author and speaker, Richard Gerver, presents 'Minding Your Own Business - How To Be Successful In Today’s Changing Music Industry' at Gate One Theatre, Claremont Showgrounds, on Saturday, June 10, presented by Around The Sound and WAM.

    The bridge between art and commerce has always been a difficult one to negotiate for many musicians – that’s why they have managers.


    Jack Pierce looks at his diary for the rest of the year. For most of it, Pierce and his twin Patrick, who perform as the duo The Pierce Brothers, will be travelling the world playing shows.

    Despite the fact they have just released The Records Were Ours, the first of three EPs they will put out this year, they are already looking at days off between performances when they can get down to the serious business of writing and demoing an album.


    Pic: Lester Jones

    In following up his debut album, 2014’s Silence/Win, singer/songwriter, Kim Churchill, had to look deep within as the spectre of his first LP began to creep into the new era that beckoned his sophomore release.


    From a song to cheer up a miserable friend to an ambitious plan to record a song every day for a year to raise $100,000 for charity: this is the Songs And Smiles story, led by Perth musician, Clayton Mitchell.


    Refusing to live in his own shadow, DJ Shadow has consistently strived to create music that is inventive, unique and true to hip hop. Continuing this trajectory through his latest album, The Mountain Will Fall, DJ Shadow is touring Australia to demonstrate the past, present and future of beats.

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