In May of last year, a hitherto unknown trio called Middle Kids released a gem of a song called Edge Of Town. What happened next is the kind of stuff you only read about.


    Busby Marou took some life-experience back to their roots for their third album, Postcards From The Shell House.

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    Melody Pool writes songs about her life. Maybe they are her life. Telling the truth in this fashion may make great art, but she is under no illusion that this art does not come without cost.


    Brooklyn’s Big Thief released their aptly named debut ‘Masterpiece’ last year and are this week embarking on their first Australian tour, starting it all off at PIAF’s Chevron Festival Gardens with special guest, Katy Steele, on Wednesday, February 22.

  • The Emotional Second Album

    Dune Rats’ second album, ‘The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit’, recently debuted at #1 on the ARIA National Album Chart. There’s plenty to smile (and think) about.

  • A WORD WITH THE BOSS: Bruce Springsteen Greets The Media At Perth Arena

    With the last of Bruce Springsteen’s Perth show happening tonight (Friday, January 27) The Wall Of Sound reflects on his only Australian media engagement on this national tour.

  • It Was Only Acid, Your Honour: In Defence of Psychedelia

    It's now, it's then, it's zen. Psychedelia continues to warp the modern age. Em Burrows investigates.

  • The Class Of 70

    More well known for his sublime piano ballads like Ginger Man and Little Ray Of Sunshine, Brian Cadd has delivered a new solo album, Bulletproof, his first in 11 years.

  • The Mind Warp Pavilion – Celebrating Bowie

    The night before what would have been David Bowie’s 70th birthday, and three days before the first anniversary of The Starman’s passing, a team of Bowie aficionados have assembled a galaxy of local musicians to celebrate the life, music and shining light of the iconic innovator.

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