In the lead-up to The Mind Warp Pavilion: A Celebration Of The Life And Times Of David Bowie, co-organiser, Leanne Casellas reflects on her connection with the artist, the man and the enigma.

  • Life Grows Where Rosemary Goes

    It took The Rosemary Beads 24 years to release their debut album, Shine. The journey within has often been dark, but the future looks bright indeed.

  • Bricks In The Wall

    Matty T Wall reflects on the path that led him to the blues and beyond (and before).

  • Harvey Fresh

    Contemporary country artist, Belle Harvey, has a new single up her sleeve and a long-awaited solo album due for release. Actually, ‘long-awaited’ is something of an understatement.

  • Meaningful Sweat


    The Badlands Bar backroom harks back to old-school Perth gigs; small and dimly lit with no stage, it raises a diminutive middle finger to the gentrified pubs and ‘boutique’ venues of modern times.

  • The Rise Of The Record Club

    The Newport Record Club has become a bona fide Thursday night institution in Fremantle as it celebrates a diversity of classic albums.

  • The Reich Stuff

    Feels are a beat-fuelled duo incomparable to all else coming out of Perth right now; their tracks, sculpted with eclectic samples, create a dynamic and ever-changing sound.

  • Never Forget Your Roots

    The Southern River Band have bolted out of the South-Eastern suburbs with a heady mixture of country-flanged rock’n’roll with a bombastic, good-time attitude, red-hot live shows, and in frontman, Callum Kramer, a festival-ready motormouth with a black belt in bogan humour.

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