• Almond Soy - Very Modern Social Misfits Fire Up At Jack Rabbit Slims

    Around The Sound headed to Jack Rabbit Slims for the homecoming of local Perth indie-pop band Almond Soy from their debut Aussie ‘Social Misfit’ Tour. As we headed inside, fans were trying on merch and steadily flowing into the venue to gear up for the show. We made our way through the retro burger bar and into the club. The crowd continued to flow in right before Almond Soy hit the stage.

  • Eclectic, Electric, Eccentric - Basso Fridays Have It All

    With the newly refurbished Bassendean Hotel hosting regular live music, there’s plenty of great live music to check out every night of the weekend.  Around The Sound recently headed down to the iconic pub to check out a Friday night line-up.

    Being on the main street of Bassendean and near the local train station it was easy to find and parking was a cinch. The main stage area set up is great, complete with bar, tables and a generous dancefloor. But the live music is what had the crowd stay ‘til the end of the night.

  • REVIEW: X - X-citations

    X - X-citations (The Best of X & Rarities, Vol 1)

    Zenith Records

    Unlike most ‘best of’ collections, X-citations isn’t a glossy compilation of radio friendly hits neatly packaged together for aging fans to relive their glory days – X didn’t have any ‘hits’ per se, for starters.


    Pic: Thom Perry

    In the first of our Retroperspective series - where an artist looks back on one of their older works - Abbe May gives us an insight into her 2008 album, Hoodoo You Do. With a new album, Bitchcraft, forthcoming, there's also some now in the zen. Catch Abbe May at State Of The Art on Monday, June 5 - Ed.