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Postcard From Sydney
Postcard From Sydney

Greeting Sandgropers. It’s been a year since I was in Perth with my band RACKETT, alongside Amyl and The Sniffers, for Revelation Film Festival. I miss the smell of wheat paste in Mojo’s Bar and the rickety staircase to the greenroom in the Rosemount Hotel, $3 coffee and the spirit of Bon Scott (which I’m suspicious has been reincarnated into members of The Southern River Band). For a city, 30 mins full circle, running at the pace of a heavily loaded 1975 Holden Sandman, you’ve produced groundbreaking music; artists and bands, that attain a huge portion of my monthly Spotify spins (Playlist).



When I’m not touring and recording as RACKETT, I write music from my bedroom in Redfern, Sydney. The rent is expensive, playgrounds full of junkies, the weather turbulent and my friends play Oasis covers in cafes to pay for their art degrees. But, it’s not all break even or die trying, we have a thriving live music scene, even with lock out laws and over regulated venues. I moved to Sydney 10 years ago to pursue a flailing acting career before choosing a more ‘practical’ option: musician. I’m a country girl at heart (originally from Bundaberg, North QLD). Until I was three, I lived above the pub my parents managed, listening to Aussie rock through the floorboards.

Perth, I hope it’s not too soon to say, but I think we’ll get along very well. You gave me Pond, Tame Impala, Little Birdy, Sleepy Jackson, Lash, The Drones, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Abbe May and so many more (here). I believe in the working class dream, “from little things big things grow” (Paul Kelly). I believe in people working together to achieve great things, even if that’s discovering the next ‘bloody sick-as live band that all your mates are going to and you’re gonna get loose and buy a t-shirt’. So, wanna be pen pals?

I’ll write to you monthly, via Around the Sound: A Postcard from Sydney. I will uber across Sydney, sleep deprived, hungry (and sometimes a little drunk), in search of great music to share with you. Perth, can you write me back? Tell me who’s hot, who’s on the next flight out of Perth that I should be waiting for at the airport with a sharpie?


Here are five hot Sydney acts I think you should know about. Sydney is full of talent, diluting this down to five acts feels bittersweet. But, I will be back next month with more. I’m also going to exclusively share my personal artefacts (iphone footage and photos) with you. Here is the complete WA /V\ NSW playlist with all my other picks including Gum, Party Dozen, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Kirin J Callinan and more.


Photo credit: Kieran Glifeather

I want you imagine seven guys dressed in borat-style onesies, wearing assorted headgear and matching ‘battle’ wings. Some fantastic collision of shred-metal-glam-core, your eyes and ears will struggle to accept the undeniable truth; that Battlesnake might be the best band you’ve ever, never seen. Get on board or battle your fomo forever. Here they are at Waywards, Newtown (the Bank Hotel) last year.


Body Type

Photo credit: Nick Mckk

Swinging the pendulum hard on indie cock-rock, Body Type are your golden Perth girls reigning in the big smoke and that’s just the beginning. Currently somewhere fabulous out there in the big wide world breaking hearts, Body Type claimed Sydney’s indie scene, selling out their self titled debut EP launch at The Lansdowne Hotel ahead of their appearance at SXSW 2019. I saw them recently at the GUSHER mag (indie Sydney mag run by chicks, featuring chicks) launch at the Petersham Bowls Club.

Here’s the video for Body Type’s latest single, ‘Stingray’:


Charlie Gradon

Photo credit: Port Of Call Studio

Charlie takes his time, I believe the term is quality over ‘gigging for the sake of gigging’ and it’s paid off. A dear friend to me (Charlie is married to RACKETT’s bass player Ally Baby who’s on maternity leave), I tend to find myself uncontrollably erecting grande plans (usually without his consent) for his music, because PEOPLE NEED TO HEAR THIS! Charming, romantic songwriting, with Ally Baby on harmonies and keys, amidst a full band for live shows, it’ll melt your heart, you’ll see doves cry.

He recently played to a full house at Oxford Arts Factory. I took some footage but I didn’t save it so here’s something else I found:




Photo credit: Maya Luana

You guys have heard of the Finn Brothers yeah? I love them, but it’s 2019, we have to look to the future and see CLEWS. Their stories of heartbreak and hope, articulated by their unison harmonies, break through the facade and resurrect all your ex’s from the dead. I saw them recently at their second sold-out show at The Oxford Arts Factory

Here’s some footage I took on my phone:


Lola Scott

I first heard about Lola Scott when I was playing at a Club in Albury. A young guy rushed over to me after our set and shook me; ‘you have to meet my friend, she plays everything, you’ll be best friends). He gave me her real name, which I will keep on the D-L, because this chick is probably going to need her privacy if she continues to make music like her latest single ‘War of The Suburbs’, and I tracked her down on the internet (where all good relationships start, right?). A total babe, inside and out, we quickly became friends, bonding over our love of sequients and St.Vincent. I saw her play at Waywards in Newtown late last year. Balancing in her platform heels on top of leads and pedals, risking her head amid swinging guitars, it was like watching that kids TV show A*mazing. Dressed head to toe in glitter and stars, Lola Scott is a pop star in the making.

Here’s Lola’s new video clip:

Love Bec,

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