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It was time again for the favorite writer of the WA Ballet Company (that’s me) to head to His Majesty’s Theatre to see if they were capable of outdoing themselves again. After performances of La Bayadère, Genesis and Giselle this year, I was really intrigued by them stepping deeper into the field of entertainment by taking a shot at one of my favorite stories – Alice In Wonderland. Knowing they would be flying through the air, there’s hundreds of props and many backdrops, it would be interesting to me to see how the heck they were going to pull this off seamlessly. To be honest I never doubted them for a second.

What an undertaking. From the word go, this was a spectacularly visual show. The sets, the props and the costumes were dynamite and something to marvel at. This was a show and a half, and it was very clear to me that this was the biggest production the WA Ballet company has ever put on (and if there has been bigger, my mistake.)

What a show.

Alice was played by the wonderful Chihiro Nomura. One of the principal dancers of the WA Ballet, she was tremendous as usual on this night. Great use of facial expressions, as well as the emotion in her dance – it really told the story that was being told well.

Julio Blanes and his depiction of the White Rabbit was hilarious, every time he hopped into the air I laughed like an idiot. The humor that was peppered through this show was simply excellent!

Full props to their cast of little ones that performed as well. Their discipline was very impressive and the crowd absolutely loved them.

They used wires for this show, which saw Alice flying through the air at times. There was a moment where Tweedledee and Tweedledum were riding a double bike through the air and I totally tripped out. Honestly. For a mere moment I actually questioned if I was somehow high or not. I wasn’t, thankfully.

Juan Carlos Osma played The Mad Hatter, dude – I didn’t know if you were the Mad Hatter or if you were Mick freakin’ Jagger. This guy LIT up the stage every moment he had, it was so impressive! He also portrayed Lewis Carroll as well, it just blew my mind that some of these performers were portraying more than one character in an evening.

Oscar Valdes was the Joker and the Dodo bird – this guy is all class all the way. Every little thing he did, no matter how minor it was, was sheer excellence. The guy has so much control and poise, it’s really a sight to see.

There was a show stealer on this night, and that was the Queen of Hearts played by Glenda Garcia Gomez. You want to talk about facial expressions and telling a story through that avenue, Glenda is it. What a magnificent performer, she was so well suited to this character. It was almost like that maybe, perhaps, possibly – there is an ounce of evil that is within her soul.

If you want to see a real show of shows in Perth, Alice In Wonderland will be run by the WA Ballet Company till December 15. They knocked this one out of the park, the momentum of this company is on fire – you have to check this show out!

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