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ALL ACTION WRESTLING – can’t find a beta man

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Mild-mannered music reporter, Bob Gordon, has never felt so threatened near the ring. Bundled into the boot of a Statesman Deville he was later threatened at chair-point then forced to sit on it and interview All Action Wrestling impresario, Marc Midas, lest he never don platform-heels again. After a quarter-century of interviewing showbiz assholes, the ATS Editor’s discovered a whole new breed…

What is your role in this damnation? Are you some kind of ringmaster? 

First of all, I don’t need to answer to you or anyone at ‘Around The Sound’ for that matter. Quite frankly, I’m insulted that you don’t already know who I am and what I do at AAW.

I am Marc Midas, the majority shareholder and man with the plan at All Action Wrestling. You see, money talks… and a lot of people in this stinking town aren’t saying a damn thing.

It’s taken a man like me to turn things around for this company and as you can see, the whole production is bigger and better… it’s all thanks to me. 


Obviously, everyone at AAW is incredibly appreciative of my efforts, as they should be. It’s great to be working with such talented young performers as Killah, Marco and Seth Kincaid; wrestlers who, with a little assistance from yours truly, have a bright future ahead of them.  

Discuss the beautiful symmetry that is the violent ballet of wrestling and the unbridled recklessness of rock’n’roll? Please.

It’s all about the spectacle… creating an experience worth remembering.

People need something to take their minds off their mundane existence.

Loud noises, flashing lights and good, old-fashioned violence. 

Hate your job? Sick of your partner’s face? Kids just won’t shut up? It’s okay… just pour chips and booze down your neck and let the professionals take your mind off things.

Firstly? No, no and no. Secondly, why do I need these ‘professionals’ to take  my mind off things?

When is the last time you can say you were utterly engaged and enthralled with the entertainment on offer in this town? When was the last time you went home truly satisfied with your night out?

Last night?

Bullshit. Get the hell off that couch and put your money where it belongs. In my pocket!

So, who’s battling it out in the ring this time? 

Seth Kincaid vs Delhi Dud Singh 

Seth is making a name for himself right now, with a totally justified attack on something calling itself ‘Christ Target’. 

* Lucha Wrestling Match *
Masdek vs Del Cano

What’s worse than one lucha libre star? Two! 

They seem to be incredibly popular with the audience… which says it all, really.

James Grace vs “The Philippine Dream” Julio
James is a phenomenal competitor who has split the blood of legends such as RVD. Julio was also busted open at the last show, but is far from a legend.

The Debut of Ajax

I’ve yet to decide how I feel about this young man, but from what I have heard he has all the skills required to achieve great things. HOWEVER, that won’t mean much if he messes with me.

* Hardcore Match *
AAW No Limits Championship
Felix Young (c) vs “The Australian Sensation” Craven

Craven made his return at our last event by interrupting a business meeting between my boots and Maniac’s face. Incredibly rude and completely uncalled for. The only sensation I get around Craven, and the entire Bullet Kliq faction, is the urge throw up! 

Felix Young is sure to beat the absolute tar out of him! 

#1 Contenders Match
Australian Dynasty (Shark & Target) vs Western Kingdom (Killah & Marco Garcia)

Australian Dynasty? Give me a break! I’d rather watch the television show Dynasty than these guys wrestle. I wholeheartedly endorse The Western Kingdom and all of their actions in AAW thus far. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a harder working pair in this business today. 

I’m all about seeing people get what they deserve… and Western Kingdom deserves the gold. 

AAw Women’s Championship Match
Alexis Lee (c) vs Savannah Summers

Believe it or not, Marc Midas firmly believes that the future of wrestling is the Women’s Division. I’m certain that either of these two competitors could out wrestle the majority of wrestlers, I’d have to say The Australian Dynasty and The Bullet Kliq, in particular. 

We’re expanding this division and looking for new talent to train up. It’s an incredibly profitable market.   

What can people expect from Saturday night? 

For your expectations to be exceeded. I’ve dished out the big bucks on some of the best bands in this sleepy little town has to offer. Amberdown, The Bible Bashers, Sparrow and Legs Electric are all quality acts worth coming out to see on the big stage of our prestigious venue, Gate One Theatre.

What are the future plans for AAW, *sigh* as well as world domination?

At Superclash on October 28, I have booked a match between CURRENT AAW champion THE MANIAC and former WCW heavyweight champion and former WWE tag team champion, SCOTT STIENER.

Once that cheque clears, I’ll be handing the AAW championship back to Killah, who was robbed of a victory at the Perth Classic.

I won’t stop until AAW becomes the dominant force on the Australian wrestling scene. Whatever it takes, whatever it costs… and god help anyone who gets in my way.

You can take that to the bank.

AAW Rock N Wrestling gets ready to rumble at Gate One Theatre on Saturday, September 16, featuring sets from Sparrow, The Bible Bashers, Amberdown and Legs Electric. Full details at


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