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WA Ballet Company
Quarry Ampitheatre

February 15
Photos by Bradbury Photography (

I’m back baby! It’s been a little while but it was time for the Rock N Roll Reviewer, Karlifornia Infirri to get back in the saddle and climb aboard the WA Ballet Train once again. It’s back at one of my favorite venues that they perform at for their show As One: Ballet At The Quarry.

The nights proceedings had three performances. We started off with ‘Heartache’ – which was certainly the flavor of the proceedings, all I could taste was sorrow and proverbial tears from the tortured soul that was Julio Blanes. Julio, before I get on with my critique of your performance, Antonio Banderas called and he wants his hunkiness back. As Julio performed, all the descriptors that came to mind felt like a Mills & Boon novel.

The light bounced off the chiseled abs of the studly Bruno Mars lookalike, as his white shirt opened and displayed his desireable Rib Cage for a feast of eyes to gander and ponder that a meal could certainly be consumed on that.

By the way, I’m straight. Congrats bro.


Okay, enough of my clowning around. This was a really beautiful piece they put together! I felt Julio’s pain. He was so distraught. Huge shout-out to Glenda Garcia Gomez, aka Triple G. I loved that part with you and Julio, that was some wild stuff and very entertaining. If this was one man’s journey through the reflection of his life, I felt every emotion of it. Obviously the choreographers for this one are the cream of the crop. It’s shoutout city for me here in this review because I have to make this clear to you all. Carina Roberts is a straight up bad ass. I’d seriously pay good money to see her as the main character in a ‘Kill Bill’ themed Ballet show. Oliver Edwardson, I’d be a real jerk if I didn’t compliment you here too because you were great as always. It’s weird, I feel like I have been to the Ballet so many times now that I know these people personally. Hopefully they all feel the same way about my reviews.

‘Moment Of Joy’ was next and yo, I have got to give props right out of the gate to my homeboy right there Michael Brett, the Head of Music for his inspiring performance on the Piano throughout this story. Fantastic. I was particularly chuffed that he got a few moments by himself to do a little bit of a piano solo. Well done Elton.

“Poise-onous” Chihiro Nomura and Matthew “The Hero” Lehmann started this one out like the two pros they are. How they do their thing and retain a smile the whole time astounds me. I imagine myself in their shoes and can only imagine the painful grimace of concentration I’d be displaying, that’s for sure. They were at the top of their game like always. Shout-out to the tippy toes of one Kiki Saito, another for “The Crimson Stud” Adam Alzaim, and thankfully this time around Julio Blanes kept his shirt on. A great little spot from these three, I really enjoyed this part. The ensemble at the end was a striking conclusion to a very well choreographed routine. Look at me pretend to know what I’m talking about. It was wonderful! What else can this Ballet Layman say? I can’t even do the Macarena without messing it up. My god I hate the Macarena.

Up next was the final performance of the night – 4 Seasons.

This was Choreographed by QLD’s Natalie Weir who unfortunately could not be in town for the show, but I really enjoyed seeing the whole group come together in this routine. This routine was described as being ‘Four couples experiencing human connection through the universal language of dance. A poignant summary of the stages of life and love – the eternal youth of spring, the storm clouds of summer, the tenderness of autumn and the aging of winter.’ That’s beautiful. I have a lot going on this week with some of my outside ventures, and I needed something soothing, relaxing and mesmerising like this to get to zen. This was like a full body massage, but for my eyeballs and brain.

Another tidbit here, I’m beginning to think Oscar Valdes is a robot. A ballet dancing robot sent back in time. No human can be that precise. Well done mate.

We got to the end of the evening, and again I must reiterate this, if you want an easy going night out where you are entertained, the WA Ballet is a fantastic option. Take your boyfriend or girlfriend! Your significant other will appreciate a bit of culture, because it’s flashy, it’s fun, the costumes and outfits are pretty, there’s just so much to take in when you see these incredible performers do their thing. This is a show for anybody and everybody.

Congratulations to the WA Ballet for this stunning evening and I look forward to being there again next time!









Giselle, WA Ballet Company, photo by Sergey Pevnev Giselle, WA Ballet Company, photo by Sergey Pevnev



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