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Electric State’s Rob Viney (Vocals), Russell Christie (Guitar), Bill Shaw (Drums) and Paul Leahy (Bass) kicked off the evening with what can only be described as a truly ELECTRIC performance. With a killer light show to match, this local band was in every sense, a crowd pleaser and I couldn’t have chosen a more suitable band to set the tone for the evening. Viney had the crowd drawn in from the get-go with his exuberant frontman persona making him the perfect gig spruik, as he broadcasted to all, the stellar lineup featured on the nights bill.

With their set list including Get In You, Riot, Government, Set Fire, Algorithm, Run, Just Blood, and Tomorrow’s Sun; Laehy and Shaw sounded tight, in spite of Leahy’s recent knee surgery; these guys didn’t miss a beat and with Christie adding unique layers of tone on guitar, Viney’s vocals were quintessentially rock. His use of a megaphone as a stage prop and the bands very clever incorporation of layerings of siren sounds embedded in several of their songs immediately makes me think of bands such as Rage Against The Machine and the political “call to action” style of attitude.

This was, again, reinforced by Viney’s interactions with the crowd – jumping off the stage, Viney demonstrates his vocal stamina as he continues to deliver unfaltering, powerhouse vocals whilst climbing atop bar tables and furniture throughout the venue. Here, we get an insight into the “f*%k you, I won’t do what you tell me” esque vibe that Electric State’s got going on and I tell you what, I’m looking forward to seeing these guys live again #drawcard! 

With The Silent Deeds up next, we all had a chance to calm down a little bit. There has been a bit of a buzz circulating around the scene regarding whether or not these boy have been in the studio recording new material and so I was keen to see their set. With The Silent Deeds setlist featuring Cross the Line, Come Alive, The Race, Soho, Cool Kids, Silent Night, Ghosts, and Down With Me; we did hear some new material so perhaps those rumours are true??? I was approached by many people throughout the night with questions such as “Is it true, Are The Silent Deeds set to release a new album?” Well, I don’t guys but one thing’s for sure, the new material sounded great and if it’s not already on the cards then it definitely should be!

With Ashes of Autumn’s set looming, The Boston started to fill and it was great to see loyal fans rocking their merch! I have seen Ashes of Autumn perform live several times now however for me, this gig was a standout performance! 

Amongst the crowd, I was joined by other music journalists, photographers, Perth band members and Perth rock fans. Sheldon Ang remarked that Ashes of Autumn have a bit of Killing Heidi Vibe going on, I agree…there are similarities but I’m reluctant to pigeonhole them into sameness here. Ashes of Autum are individuals in their own right. They comfortably accept their individuality and unstereotypical nature. It is their innate sense of difference from those around them that places them on the outskirts but it is also this that makes them so appealing to others. As creatives, they perch on the fringes of society, owning who they are and who they are not and then somehow their pieces unite; fitting together seamlessly and so now, a much larger iconoclastic Persona emerges. They never loose their essence as individuals but in collaboration with each other, they represent the vastness of other creatives by making a clear, unapologetic statement – this is who we are, take it or leave it. 


With only a little dialogue needed during their set changeover; they instinctively read each other’s instrumental adjustments. Short, sharp tones emanate, truss rods turn, string tensions are tightened and intonations are checked and then…intuitively, Mel provides a short introduction, Ferret taps out a beat and they simultaneously produce a wall of sound that erupts inside the venue and demands everyone’s attention. With their Razor sharp guitar lines, I became so distracted by the musical intellect and the prowess of expertise that was unfolding in front of me that I completely forgot about taking notes for my review – this is a pretty good way of gauging talent for me, if you can get me to put my pen down then you freaking ROCK and YES, Ashes of Autumn, you most certainly do!

The Ashes of Autumn setlist featured; Burn, Smoke & Mirrors, Need to Know, Hard Blues, Get Down, Set Fire, Refuse Break, Lovesick Satellite, The Time, and of course – their new single ‘Let Go.’ ‘Let God is available now on Spotify – Click HERE to listen.

Bringing the night to an end was ThisIsSpudgun…these guys, wow, what can I say – I’m biased with my opinion here *fangirling* I just can’t get enough of you – if it was possible to consume your music through a funnel then, yeah man, I totally would. 

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