Soul movers bona fide


Who are The Soul Movers?
And what on earth are they doing with DZ Deathrays?

Last week, The Soul Movers joined the DZ Deathrays, returning to the scene of their ‘Like People’ music clip shoot featuring Murray Cook at The Balmain Town Hall. This time however, the DZ’s were put to work for Murray to film The Soul Movers’ (@soulmoversband) music clip for their first focus track, out in January 2019, ‘You Better Believe It!’

You want a word to describe the Soul Movers? How about electric.

Earning their stripes as one of Australia’s hardest working bands, the Soul Movers have taken their brand of soul to the USA and back again with the imminent release of their new album, Bona Fide. Fronted by Lizzie Mack and her brother in soul, Murray Cook, the Soul Movers include in their number, Andy Newman (The Visitors) and Marko Simec (Waiting For Guinness). Never content to spend a night indoors, after a continuous run of Australian dates the Soul Movers headed stateside to play shows from LA to NY as they cut Bona Fide in a series of iconic studios that occupy hallowed musical ground including: Fame, Muscle Shoals The Nutthouse, Royal and Sun Studios. At the latter, “X” marks the spot where Elvis sang, and that’s where Lizzie stood and delivered as the band lay down some of the finest grooves you’re likely to hear in 2019.

Heading your way on January 25 is the new single, ‘You Better Believe It’. Bona Fide releases in March. Buckle up … the Soul Movers are coming.

2018 has been a big year of collaboration for ex-Red Wiggle Murray Cook. He started the year joining the DZ boys at various shows around the country including Splendour In The Grass, finishing it interviewing musicians on the red carpet for The J Awards last month.

Punkee were the first to hear about the shenanigans at the Balmain Town Hall last clip, where Murray had our favourite hard-rock lads heads in a spin so this time it’s a race to be the first to grab “Return of The Guitar Zombies” a fun take on the antics of the evening for the Soul Movers “You Better Believe It!” shoot. During the shoot, steam and smoke from the DZ’s spinning heads triggered the fire alarm multiple times as the DZ Deathrays went nuts over Murray’s screaming guitar solo and were only brought into line by Lizzie with hand claps claps for her breakdown lines:

“I’m a hard talkin’ woman with her hand in the air! – you can na-na me but I just don’t car! - Yeah I’m a hard talkin woman with a put down stare! - go on and na-na me I’ll just leave you there.

- Now that’s gotta be a mega-watt of musical woman-power!!

The DZ Deathrays seriously dug making the clip with the band, seriously dug the song (and especially the coldies in the fridge).

The Soul Movers are a band of friendly people, the song rocks and they even brought us beers – that’s everything we love,” says DZ drummer Simon Ridley.

The Soul Movers are readying the release of their new single ‘You Better Believe It!’ This their first track off new album Bona Fide will be released in March next year through ABC Music/ Universal.
Stay tuned for the full clip! – out January 25, 2019.

Find out more about The Soul Movers by following them on Instagram @soulmoversband, or checking out their website or Facebook.


Watch Muzz and the DZ's here.

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