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Aunty Norah Gig Explorer
Aunty Norah Gig Explorer

Dear Aunty Norah

I posted a photo of my cat on my Facebook page the other day and someone from Canada
commented that I’m a hate mongering misanimalist for keeping such a magnificent creature
in captivity. The hate is still going on and my cat has now run away to seek asylum at the
Cat Haven.

I’m confused. Since when am I supposed to care about what Cal from Canada thinks about
my cat photos?



Dear Felix


Where do I begin? I’m writing a book at the moment called Leaf Blowers, The Internet,
Donald Trump And Other Inventions That Show Humans Are Just Too Dumb To Continue
Existing For Much Longer. So far, I’ve finished the title and I’m feeling a bit worn out. Your
problem is just another example of how we can use something like the Internet to tear each
other down, rather than building a better world through our connectedness. Other examples
are Brexit and our government’s policy on refugees.

Mind you, maybe it’s your fault for using the Internet to share photos of your cat because,
well, no one cares! Except Cal from Canada. Apparently, he cares very much.

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