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Verge Collection

Perth indie-rockers, Verge Collection, are dusting off their gear and jumping back into their saddles for a quick run cross-country, kicking off the tour on March 16th at Mojos Bar in Fremantle.

Around the Sound caught up with singer and songwriter, Ben Arnold, to speak about the band’s re-emergence into the new year. Talking line-up changes, an unreleased album and putting the new sounds to the test with a string of upcoming shows, 2019 is looking bright for the boys.

Verge Collection seem to have let the debris settle following their explosive release of Flaneur back in March of 2018. But that’s not to say there hasn’t plenty brewing behind the scenes for this suburban outfit.

“We went quiet for a whole bunch of reasons” explains Arnold, “Our manager, Greg quit because he had a baby, so I had to take on all the roles myself. These were all things I should have been doing in the first place. It’s like it has become a full-time job. I’m loving it.”

Atop the departure of their manager, Verge Collection has seen various comings and goings of members, but Arnold explains that the stability of the current line-up consisting of himself, Barry, Lee and Andy seems likely to stick, at least for now.

“Verge Collection has always been like a vessel for my song writing and the line-up would  change every couple of months. But I think this one will go really well… We’ve all been gelling well in jams so I’m keen to see how it goes on stage.”


Putting new music to the test live doesn’t come without apprehension for the laidback front-man. With meagre ticket pre-sales and uncertain door sales for upcoming gigs, the crowd’s potential reception always proves tough for Arnold to anticipate. “My expectations of what I think people are going to like are always pretty wrong, there have been a few songs that we’ve road-trialled over the years that have just failed to capture the imagination of the public.”

Verge’s most recent single drop of Synthetic Fibres back in October of 2018 marked a slight departure from their unpolished garage vibes to some higher quality production and electronic additions. It will be the band’s first time playing the tracks off their new album set for release later this year, experimenting with sounds old and new, hoping all their die-hard ‘Virgins’ can support this evolution.

“It’s all done properly in a studio this time as opposed to a bedroom like last time. We’ve had way more time to actually make things sonically interesting. I’m pretty keen to take it on the road and see if people will actually enjoy it.” States Arnold, his fervour peeking through his usual distinctly relaxed disposition.

“I think it will go well” he reassures, “it’s more the trepidation of going into it. It’s kind of like come on guys, we need a bit of a guarantee that it’s going to do well.”

For all those looking to welcome Verge Collection back to the stage and are keen on hearing some unreleased tunes, head to the ticket link for pre-sales to the upcoming Mojos Show on March 16th.

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