There’s some familiar faces in the photo above from various beloved Fremantle bands, including Spaceman, Dream Rimmy, Mung Dahl (now Cosy) and Moistoyster. Somehow, some way, these individuals have come together as HAIRCARE.

“Well I guess Benny (Trouchet, synth/guitar), Jack (Gaby, bass) and I have been playing music with each other for years now in various different bands,” says vocalist/guitarist/synth-player, Broderick Madden-Scott,“ and Oscar (Van Gas, drums) we have known for at least a couple of years from being at shows around town, in particular Human Dog. I was always intrigued with his playing and eventually asked if he would like to play. That was at least a year before we had a name or did any shows.”

They all have lovely hair by the way…

“Thank you!” he laughs. “Impeccable hair attributes surprisingly weren’t the catalyst for such a name.”

HAIRCARE are launching a debut single, Young Muscle, this week. It has the splendid opening line, ‘Tasteless hatred always finds an eye; It breaks my heart to find it close to mine’. Sounds like life…

“Lyrically, I find it hard to write many lines about one topic because I get stuck after two lines with something that sums up the topic I’m trying to engage with,” Madden-Scott says. “Therefore, a lot of my songs turn out to be amalgamations of different emotions.

“With regards to that specific line, I guess it’s exploring the idea that you can be aware of something that is troubling or upsetting, but you can put it to the back of your mind because it isn’t directly affecting you. Except then, all of a sudden, it’s a part of your life for whatever reason and it’s really heartbreaking but you have no idea how to deal with it.

“The chorus, ‘I can’t find my guy’, references the confidence and self-sustainability you need to exercise from your inner strength to overcome the overwhelming. Not the greatest metaphor but hey, what can you do? That would be the ‘muscle’ meaning of the name. The ‘young’ explores the anxieties of not understanding these feelings when you’re younger, which is the second verse. It’s also a reference to the nostalgic sound of some of the synth tones.”

Young Muscle is the first song from HAIRCARE’S debut EP. There’s more flavours to come.

“It’s a very short but fairly diverse EP, I think,” Madden-Scott says. “The second song is a bit more of a banger and the third song is a bit an Albatross (Fleetwood Mac) tribute in a tonal sense.”

Following the single launch this weekend, Jack is going ‘away’, but the rest of HAIRCARE have enough material for further EPs or an album.

“Off to France he is,” says Madden-Scott, “what a lucky lad. I hope he survives. While he is off enjoying the world, we’re going to finish and release the next two songs… digitally. Pretty good deal on his end, if you ask me (laughs).”

HAIRCARE launch their debut single on April 13 at Mojos, with help from Lana Rothnie, Noah Dillon, Mark McGlue and DJ Chipslut. Full details via