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Photos by Nicola Arnold

Formed in London, 2010, Bastille members, Chris Wood (drums and backing vocals), Will Farquarson (bass, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals), Kyle Simmons (keyboards, synths, bass, percussion, backing vocals), Charlie Barnes (backing vocals, keyboards, guitar), and  Dan Smith (lead vocals, percussion, keyboards) recently donned the stage at Metropolis Nightclub in Fremantle for their “Doom Days Tour, Part 2.” Performing songs from their third studio album “Doom Days,” this was the first chance for their fans to hear these songs in a live setting and despite the Perth heat, the fans turned up en masse.

Many of the songs performed at this concert were being sung live for the last time and because we all knew this, we sung along with gusto.

The Perth heat was definitely felt by all those inside the venue. Metropolis Fremantle is not the only venue in Perth that needs to consider spending some dosh on an effective air-conditioning system and with venue renovations set to begin in the not so distant future, this issue will undoubtedly be addressed. To their credit, staff members did provide some much needed H20 to the audience members along the front of the stage. Standing to the left of the stage, I witnessed a staff member distribute pint glasses of water here on several occasions and I’m told that he did this elsewhere throughout the venue as well, so, props to the bar staff for identifying the need for this because it was truly a “sticky with beads of sweat running down your face” kind of hot.

Nonetheless, the fans endured, the fans stayed and despite all of the above; the fans definitely enjoyed. They were grooving from the beginning with Max Frost delivering on stage. Frost’s skills are something to behold and as a singer, songwriter and producer from Austin, Texas; Perth is lucky to have such an honest, raw performer on its stage. Frost is a talented musician in his own right and has the kind of multi-instrumentalist skills that would rival Tash Sultana – I would love to see these two perform on stage together in the future. Frosts performance was high energy, it was manic, he moved around the stage with deliberation; he knew exactly what he was doing but at the same time, there was a fresh spontaneous vibe about him that had the crowd bouncing along with him.

With Bastille’s set starting at 9pm, there was a bit of time in the change over that where it seemed as though people were just standing idly by, staring at their phones as they waited for Farquarson, Simmons, Wood, and Smith to appear on stage. When they finally did; they were met with adoration, especially from the group of four women who had managed to get themselves the perfect spot right in front of the stage. One of the women held up a handmade sign that read “I came all the way from Singapore to see you…” – now that’s dedication. They each wore party hats and I was puzzled about this for quite some time until I finally had an ‘A-ha’ moment when towards the end of the night, Smith appeared on stage with a birthday cake and the entire audience sung happy birthday to Kyle Simmons. It was lovely to see him signaling thank yous to the girls wearing the party hats as he graciously accepted their gifts.

Many of the songs performed at this concert were being sung live for the last time and because we all knew this, we sung along with gusto. It was inconsequential if you didn’t know all of the lyrics because many of the songs were accompanied by their film clips, projected on the stage backdrop with lyrics featured for people to sing along with karaoke style. Bastille’s song ‘4am’ had 99% of the crowd having their phones in the air like torches and the stand out song of the evening was ‘Of The Night’ with the lyrics, Rhythm is a dancer/It’s a soul’s companion/People feel it everywhere/Lift your hands and voices/Free your mind and join us/You can feel it in the air, belted out in true anthem style.

Bastille members announced that 100% of the profits made from the sale of their merchandise would be donated to the Australian Bushfire Fund and for this, Bastille, Perth thanks you.

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