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In 2015 a freshly graduated private school boy started to jam in his room and down the beach at his hometown Esperance, chucking his camera on record he belted out some folk songs about his love for the ocean and the beach, this boy was Robin ‘Roobs’ Bottrell.

Its been four years since then and now Roobs is accompanied by fellow school mates, Jarrad Allen, Miles Gilbert and Ethan Aird, who formed the Washing Line Economy. The four-piece had their first jam in early 2018 and had their first gig at Mojos later that year.

The sound changed from folk into something completely different as Roobs found himself listening to  Mac Demarco, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Conan Mockasin and Jaala. It’s what I’d call a very pretty sound, its groovy and up beat with the angelic vocals being accompanied by lush guitars, elaborate bass and punchy drums.

Aird spoke about their love of local bands that not only they support but can play gigs with. “Dulcie, Spacey Jane, The Southern River Band, Superego, Butter and Kat Wilson Trio. I could name all the bands that we have either seen or played with but we’d be here for a while,” Aird said.

When the boys aren’t playing gigs or attending them they are still doing something somewhat musical.

Roobs likes to hit the waves, but deep down he knows all he does it write more songs. Allen likes to wig himself out with philosophy books and watch all sorts of conspiracy theories on YouTube. Gilbert is a WAAPA student so most of his time is taken up by playing the drums for uni bands. Aird has to keep up with the very demanding guitar riffs Roobs always gives him.


The song creating process starts with Roobs writing a song and making a demo at home with all the instruments, then tabbing out the bass and guitar for Jarrad and Ethan and tell Miles the feel he’s going for.

“Then we’ll collaborate and make a few changes to the structure and add a little bit of bbq sauce to a few parts and hey presto we got a tune,” Roobs said.

Lately they have been writing more collaboratively so the boys can have some artistic freedom within the songs too.

The new album is about growing up, love and heartbreak. The songs on the album were written from late 2017 and the newest that’ll be on the album was written in late 2018. Roobs writes about what’s going on in his life and things he’s experienced. Allen’s favourite song to play from the album is usually is, ‘In as many minutes’ or ‘Maggie’, which he describes as easy bops and likes to strum his heart out to them.

Roobs is dreaming that the four will be opening for Mac Demarco in five years time, but he will settle with a few albums and a few festivals around Australia.

The four-piece launched their latest EP ‘Lazy’ at the 459 at the Rosey on 14th of March. ‘Lazy’ is an upbeat song that follows what most young people feel on a day to day basis, and that is being very very lazy.

Roobs and The Washing Line Economy have more gigs coming up and they will be posting about those on their Facebook so make sure you check it out!


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