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“David Bowie is central to almost any element of contemporary music.”

Greg Dear knows a thing or two about music. Going back to the ‘80s with The Holy Rollers and various musical projects, and also as a champion for the Perth band scene. With arts publicist, Leanne Casellas, he also produces the annual Mind Warp Pavilion event, a live celebration of all things David Bowie, which has seen a cavalcade of Perth performers deliver stunning versions of the Thin White Duke’s songs.

“It continues to impress and amaze me how much love there is for Bowie among young musicians,” Dear says. “And how much they understand about the history of music, such as the contribution that Bowie made to the ‘70s and ‘80s and beyond. Also, how much his influence has extended into today's music and into today's musicians’ sense of what can be done to bring art and pop together.”

Perth artist/performer Kopano, aka Jemma Bradford, is one such young musician who thoroughly concurs.

“I began to take my music seriously because of David Bowie,” Bradford says, “he was like a light that paved the way and I often listened to him when I was in doubt. To tribute him cements an understanding of how special he made music not only to his listeners, but also to himself, even after death.”


Perth artists from the Mind Warp Pavilion III lineup 

The third edition of the Mind Warp Pavilion will be somewhat stripped back compared to the first two, with fewer performers, a simpler structure of performances, and a more focused celebration of Bowie's legacy. Performers will include Tanaya Harper, Tara John, Jake England, Greg Hitchcock, Errol Tout, Thea Woodward, Laith Tierney, Damien Goerke, Cliff Kent and Dear himself.

The live music on offer will be interspersed with Bowie-fied sets from DJ Claude Mono, with glitter galore and Bowie art by Rahalie from The Velvetine Rabbit.

“We have Kopano delivering an electronic celebration,” Dear adds, “and a rock band delivering Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane, plus we have a few guests who will bring some additional life to the celebration… drag, soul, voice, live art and Fripp.

“Each year we bring elements of Bowie's legacy to life with local artists, and this year is very special. Be ready to rock the dance floor, but also be ready to be amazed by how diverse Bowie's impact has been. Art imitates life imitates art.”

Mind Warp Pavilion III drives in on Saturday, January 5, at The Court Hotel. Part proceeds to the Cancer Council.

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