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Aphrodite is accompanied by a dreamy video by Ayush Negi that was masterfully filmed through water to pull off a fittingly 90s alt indie vibe.

This introspective track is dream pop at its finest.  Aphrodite will swiftly hijack your attention – its intricacies will draw you in and allow you to discover more with each listen, whilst further propelling the mystery of the artist. Dark, moody and oozing effortless cool, this song is for fans of PJ Harvey, Portishead and Bjork. 

Chris Symes chats with exciting newcomer Brigitte Bardini as she schools us on ethereal wave with her atmospheric debut single, Aphrodite.  

Chris: Where did you get the inspiration for your single Aphrodite?

Brigitte: Aphrodite was inspired by a personal experience I’ve had with someone close to me.  It’s about this person giving into temptations that are to the detriment of what we share.  This is where elements such as ‘sirens’ come in to represent these temptations leading the relationship to its potential downfall and ‘Aphrodite’ is a tool in a sense to fill this gap.

Chris: Also in general what influences you to write and perform?

Brigitte: When I have something that is bothering me or itching at me I tend to write more material because it’s a way to communicate things that can’t be communicated in the regular way.  I find music is a language that translates those thoughts into sound when you can’t string words together to communicate them.


Chris: The title of the new single “Aphrodite” some of the scenes in the clip do you have an interest in greek mythology?

Brigitte: I find that I have an interest in symbolism and those hidden messages in literature, film or any medium that you have to chip away at to get to the actual meaning.  Being Greek/Italian may have contributed to the fact that the Greek mythology came to mind but I find that it naturally was the best way to inform the lyrics and the story overall.

Chris: The video is awesome some of it is filmed through water that must have been an interesting experience to shoot?

Brigitte: Thank you so much! It was a very DIY approach to creating effects and I found that very interesting.  The water was actually sitting in a glass container in front of me and when the water would trickle it or ripple it would create a distortion that I found was really effective.  The filmmaker Ayush Negi did a great job with creating these effects with real life tools rather than relying on a computer to make the effect for us.

Chris: I read that you guys used some tricks and lessons from films could you speak about what they were? Let us in on your secrets haha

Brigitte: I’d love to! Well really as I said above we were more reliant on how to create a shot in real life that had distortion and illusion without having to rely on a computer to always do it for us.  Even the single cover itself was a pure image rather than a software manipulated one.  The reflections and the way the image bleeds out at the bottom was there in the original photo taken through water as well.

Chris: Is this your first music video that you have been in or worked on?

Brigitte: If you can count all the embarrassing iMovie’s I’ve done as a kid I’d say this is one of many hahah but no this isn’t my very first.  I’d done one prior to this as a trial for another song on the forthcoming album.  

Chris: How did you get hooked up with Ayush Negi?

Brigitte: We actually met based on pure chance.  I was walking out of a bar with a friend that played independent films and we’d started talking with him about directors, music and movies that we love.  I found that he had a huge bank of knowledge and he’d mentioned he wanted to submit one of his own films to be played at this bar/indie cinema’s screenings one day and I immediately thought he’d be great for the project after seeing some of his work on Instagram.  

Chris: Were you a fan of his work before meeting?

Brigitte: I was definitely a fan after I saw his amazing work on his instagram page @chairmanofthebored7 (a cheeky plug hahah)

Chris: I read that you played every instrument on the new release.  What instruments do you play on the track and are there any you don’t play that you would like to learn to include in the future?

Brigitte: I played the guitar parts, pre-produced each layer prior to going into the studio except for the synth bass which I collaborated on with Adam Calaitzis in the studio as well as the drum programming.  

Chris: Has covid been a bit of blessing in disguise to allow you to focus on making the video and new music?

Brigitte: Absolutely, having to isolate at home really gave me motivation to keep myself busy as often as a possible and plan ahead as much as I could to get everything organised.  It also prevented the distraction of going out with friends which undoubtably helped with my focus.

Chris: Who are your musical influences?  You have a bit of a 90`s vibe going on.

Brigitte: The 90’s vibe is definitely not coincidental hah!  Musicians such as Jeff Buckley, Air, Beck, Thom Yorke, PJ Harvey, Elliot Smith who were highly active around that time have undoubtably left their mark on me.  This also includes artists that are more typically associated with Britpop like Ian Brown, Richard Ashcroft, The Charlatans, Oasis and Blur. 

Chris: Is there anyone you are really wanting to work with musically?

Brigitte: If I could choose a dream collaboration it would have to be with French band, Air.  And why not mention featuring on tracks of trip hop groups like Zero 7, The Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack.  That would be amazing.

Chris: You were studying a degree in psychology and put that on hold to further your music, Is it something you plan to go back to at a later date and does it still interest you the study of the mind?

Brigitte: The study of the mind definitely still interests me and I think that having knowledge around psychology has given me some of the greatest tools in my day to day life.  Basically, my mindset is to focus on music only and do everything I can to make it work as it’s what I love the most.  The plan A is no plan B hahaha.