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Photos by Caris Morcombe

It’s the third time I’ve been to the Rosemount Hotel in a week and this time it’s to check out American Hard Rockers Buckcherry and Swedish Sleaze Rockers Hardcore Superstar. This was a double header to be excited about and it’s all right up my alley. I saw Buckcherry a few years back with Steel Panther and Fozzy and knew what to expect from them. Hardcore Superstar on the other hand; this was my first viewing of them. After my interview with their lead singer Jocke a few weeks ago, I knew I was in for a treat but didn’t quite realise how much of a treat it would be.

The room was JAM PACKED! The night began with New South Wales hard rock band, Bad Moon Born. Again, another international tour that reaches Perth where the opening act is from over east. This has happened a lot lately, and I do feel it’s important that our own hard rock scene get given a chance but it is what it is, and to be honest I was not disappointed. What a great band. They took complete advantage of the situation, maximized their minutes and left a solid impression of the audience. Red Hot Summer Tour, Hotter Than Hell – all you nostalgia based festivals need to take notice of bands like this and have them open on your bills rather than another band of yesteryear – we must invest in the future of Aussie rock and these guys can certainly lead the charge with the likes of The Babes from South Australia and Atomic Riot from Melbourne, among others.

I was very impressed and hope I get to see them again one of these days. The only hiccup in their set was an issue with sound during their cover of ‘Man In The Box’ by Alice In Chains, which wasn’t their fault. Top job!

Hardcore Superstar hit the stage next and I have a LOT to say about this set. In my life I have seen inspiring performances by many acts that have lead me to feel awe, and lead me to feel like I really learned something – from Alice Cooper to Billy Idol to Glenn Hughes. Hardcore Superstar now have joined that elite group. I knew this would be something, and it was out of this world. Jocke was in fine form up front, the amount of energy, passion and excitement he brings to the stage is hard to follow. Their drummer Magnus “ADDE” Andreasson was unbelievable, and you know what? The whole band was just in top form. They went to their absolute limit, and they made believers and fans of everybody who didn’t know them previously.

Hardcore Superstar stole this evening. Starting their set off with the formidable ‘Moonshine’, they had everybody in the palm of their hand from the outset. ‘We Don’t Celebrate Sundays’ was another highlight, as well as ‘Bag On Your Head’ and ‘Last Call For Alcohol’, and they treated us to a rare gem ‘No Resistance’ which they haven’t played live in 8 years. Twenty-one years into their career, THIS band deserves to be more well known. They deserve bigger stages and a wider reach, and no longer being considered a ‘new band’. 21 years mate – they are veterans.


The set ended wildly, it seemed Buckcherry’s production team were telling them that their set was over and Hardcore Superstar just kept going. In a wild set of circumstances, stage hands were taking away Adde’s drum kit as he played it, and he kept playing it as the song continued on; as his kit got smaller and smaller. This was one of the most Rock ‘n’ Roll moments I have ever heard of. Eventually, their set was over, some in the audience believing that maybe it was all set up, but I hope it was true. They played one song too many apparently, and they didn’t care and they owned this evening. Many patrons after their set even said the words ‘It feels like the show is over now’. Wow!

Our headliners, Buckcherry, took the stage to end the night’s proceedings. As the set began, this reviewer noticed that something was off. I am generally known as a reviewer that is pretty easy to please – I don’t usually say anything negative at all but I would have to say for the first half of BC’s set, something wasn’t right. Was it jet lag? Had something happened that had pissed them off? Was the sound not good for them? I don’t know. Whatever the issue was, it was effecting their performance and it came across a little withdrawn and lacklustre. I was surprised, as the last time I saw them, it was wild. This time though? Something just wasn’t clicking with me. I will say this though; after lead singer Josh Todd took his shirt off, about halfway through the set, suddenly he kicked into his next gear and it was a welcome change to their performance. This was a relief! They picked up the pace well with ‘Too Drunk…’ and ‘Gluttony’. ‘Crazy Bitch’ was another classic, their most well known song of course, and they came back out for an encore cover of Icona Pop’s ‘I Love It’, with the lyrics changed to say fuck it. Again to re-iterate, our headliners started off slow for some reason but came up with the goods by sets end. 

I had a fantastic time at this show, and although Buckcherry were the headliners, to me Hardcore Superstar were a surefire standout and stole the show at the Rosemount Hotel. I would love to be a fly on the wall for the rest of the tour that’s for sure because with this being the first date… the rest of the tour sounds like it will be VERY interesting. 

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