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As individuals and as a band, Legs Electric exist in that other-worldly zone reserved for ‘greatness’

We set up the meeting via Facebook messenger.  When I pulled into the car park of their rehearsal studio just before the appointed time, I checked my messages one last time.  A combination of anxiety about being late (that has seen me spend countless hours waiting, waiting …) and the ever-changing moods of musos always has me on edge.  There’s just so much that can go wrong.  It’s the perfect storm.

“We’re in the White room,” was the last word from the band, sent after I’d set off to meet them.  I’ve been to Superfreak Studios in Joondalup a few times, but I’ve never noticed a White room.  Superfreak is up there with the best, but décor isn’t usually a rehearsal studio proprietor’s strong suit.  So, when I opened the door to the aforementioned room I instantly regretted my decision to leave my sunglasses in the car.  Every surface of the White room is painted in blazing…white and, as my eyes began to adjust, I saw, first the photographer and his equipment and then, over by the far wall, Legs Electric, in full cover-page mode.

Legs Electric are:
Ama Quinsee – Lead Vocals
Kylie Soanes – Drums/Vocals
Erin Gooden – Bass
Elana Haynes – Guitar

I may have blurted out something about the room being a great location for the perfect Around The Sound cover photo, to which Ama Quinsee, vocalist with Legs Electric replied, “That’s why we came here, so we could get a cover shot just for you.  That’s why I’m wearing these boots. I can’t walk in them!”

That was the first in a whole bunch of tall tales the collective members of Legs Electric told me that Saturday afternoon.  Quinsee looked like she was walking just fine when we headed to the chill out area at the back of the rooms for a chat.

Most of what was shared we’re under solemn oath not to publish.  Here are some of the things that are fit to print.

The band started by saying that they’d been on a bit of a hiatus.  I asked them how long, because to me the they seem pretty ubiquitous.  They’re everywhere all the time.  The four members paused to look at each other, quizzical looks were exchanged until someone speculated, it was unclear who, “About three weeks?”  Then Kylie Soanes, drummer, stepped into the breach, saying, “I don’t think Legs Electric ever really have a break.”

That’s probably closer to it.

Legs Electric are an entirely self-managed and self-driven band. It’s difficult to remember a time when they haven’t been active on the Perth and Aussie music scenes.  Over their seven years, the band has achieved stature and cachet that most of their peers would sell their souls for.

Legs Electric’s reputation springs from the rocking good times they give audiences with their searing live performances.  It’s threaded through their consistently good recorded output, which hit a peak last year with their Two Sides EP.  But it also comes from the indefinable something that some bands and artists just have.  As individuals and as a band, Legs Electric exist in that other-worldly zone reserved for ‘greatness’.  Greatness takes many forms, of course, so far be it from me to predict where it will take them.  But I do know they have plans.

When I last spoke to them around the middle of 2018, there was talk of touring overseas, so that seemed like as good a place as any to start out.

AQ:  “We’re definitely working on it.”
KS:  “We still want that.”
AQ:  “We’re still trying to be old school, waiting for that record label to pick us up and take us over there.” (Laughs and laughs and laughs.)
KS:  “We’ll get overseas to Europe, especially.  That’s next year’s plan …”
AQ:  “Next year’s plan?”
KS:  “Well, I don’t know, what do you think?”
EH:  “That’s sounds great!”
EG:  “It takes a good 12 plus months to organise a tour like that, anyway.

So, yes, overseas touring is still on the cards, but the band are under no illusion that they’ll get picked up and transported onto the international touring circuit by some cashed-up record label.  Not because they’re not good enough, have a listen, they are.  No, it’s because that sort of thing doesn’t really happen anymore.

Besides, Legs Electric have unfinished business to take care of first.

KS:  “We’re writing an album and we want to take it overseas, Europe.  Legs Electric haven’t written an album as yet.  Albums take time and we don’t want to rush it.”
AQ:  “We’ve also had some line-up changes, too …”
KS:  “We don’t want to rush it.  As in, seven years, we wanted to keep people in suspense.”
AQ:  “The reason we haven’t written an album is because we’ve been playing so many wicked supports.  We got to take some time off and it’s like, ‘Do you what to play with Sebastian Bach, or Shihad’, people like that.”
KS:  “We tried to do it all at once, but now we’re going to have a bit of a break and take some time away and write.  We’ve already pretty much got the songs for an album, we just need to fine tune them.”
EG:  “And, we’re more confident as a band now with our new line up.  It’s been about two years.  I got a reminder the other day on Facebook, ‘You made friends with Kylie and Ama two years ago.’”
KS:  “She’s a stalker.  She stalked me!”
EG:  “That’s right!  Erin, the stalker.”

A Legs Electric album?  You heard it here first!

Seven years sounds like a long while between a band forming and putting out their first long player.  You can hear it in the way Legs’ members are talking about their upcoming recording.  They’re passing it off as humour, but there’s some underlying anxiety about being this far into their career before recording and releasing their first opus.  Considering a line-up change or two along the way, as well as having recorded and released singles and EPs since they first fired up, maybe seven years is about the right amount of time?  It wouldn’t be the longest wait for a debut album, and certainly not the longest wait between records (using the term loosely in this digital age).

Then, they start talking about the timeline for recording.

EH:  “Beginning recording might be a while away.”
AQ:  “Not too long away, though.”
KS:  “We have a producer who gives us the flexibility to record as we have the time to do it.  So even now, in the next month or so we’ll get in there and start recording the songs that we want to play, but it just depends on what we’re doing at the time as to when it comes out.”

That’s the problem with being as busy as Legs Electric are, there’s never enough time to do everything.  But if they weren’t so busy, there wouldn’t be as much to do.  That’s the price you pay for being a successful independent band.  All we know is, based on their reputation as a stellar live band and the increasing excellence in their recorded output, there will be plenty of people willing to wait patiently for a long player from Legs Electric.  And it seems like the band’s upcoming single will be the gateway to the new album.

AQ:  “Our focus at the moment is on the single that we’re releasing.”
KS:  “That’s right!  It’s a true story actually.  Ama and I wrote the song on the way down south.  We have this band ute and the girls were asleep in the back, and Ama and I were so bored and I was driving and I said, ‘Remember that time when I dated that guy and he did this to me?’ I wasn’t this Tuesday girl, but he would say things to me like, ‘I’ve got a girl for every other day of the week and you’re Tuesday.’ I don’t know if he was joking, but I thought that would be a cool theme for a song, so we just worked the lyrics to tell the story.  It was so Taylor Swift of me.”
AQ:  “Even though it’s about a shitty circumstance, it’s upbeat and feel-good.”
KS:  “When I was telling Ama what happened, I said, ‘I’m not his Tuesday girl,’ and we both said, ‘Yeah, that’s good!  Write that down.’”
KS:  “We actually put the song together with the new line up, though.  We’d written it with the old line up, when we wrote the lyrics.  At first we didn’t want to put it out, because it’s very, like, poppish, and I didn’t know.  But working with the new line up, everybody put their flavour onto to it and became a Legs Electric song.”
EH:  “The video is what we’re working on at the moment.  We wrapped up shooting last week and we’re editing at the moment, so that will be premiered at the launch at the Indi Bar.”
KS:  “Indian Ocean Hotel.”
EH:  “Oh, yes, the Indi Bar is no more.”

When it comes to what’s next, drummer, Soanes, seems to be the band’s navigator.

“The Legs Electric sound is changing, and you’ll hear it in the single.  The harmonies … it’s evolving.  You’re going to expect a lot of variety in the album because there’s a lot of variety in each member.  Having Erin and Elana in the line-up now has brought more diversity, a lot more variety.  Everyone in our band now can sing and everyone is a song writer.  I feel like the band is continually growing a lot more than it ever used to.”

Event information
Legs Electric launch their single and video, ‘Tuesday Girl’ on 6 April at the Indian Ocean Hotel.  Supports from Ligntnin Jack, The Limbs and The Caballeros.

Legs Electric also play:
April 12: Lucy’s Love Shack (supporting 1000 Mods)
April 21: Aardvark, Fremantle
April 26: White Star, Albany
April 27: The River, Margaret River
May 4: The Burlington Hotel, Bunbury

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