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The Cat Empire
The Cat Empire

Still riding high on the success of their most recent studio album, Stolen Diamonds, The Cat Empire, return to Perth on 30 November for a show at Kings Park and Botanic Garden.  With a stellar supports from Dan Sultan, Caravãna Sun and Grace Barbé, this is going to be a night of dancing and, possibly, romancing, under wide open Perth skies.  To help get you all in the mood, Around The Sound had a chat with Felix Reibl, The Cat Empire’s singer and lead party starter.

When people come to see The Cat Empire, they’re seeing a festival in one set.

Felix Reibl, The Cat Empire

The band’s Australian dates have been preceded by an extensive tour of Europe and The Americas with sold-out dates across the board.  “The overseas tour has been fantastic.” Reibl told us.  “The material has been really solid and the crowds are great.  Overseas has been a real pleasure.”  Looking ahead to the upcoming Australia dates, Reibl said, “We’ll able to perform a lot of the new album on this Australian leg of the tour.  This is the finishing run for this touring cycle and we’re really looking forward to it.  We’ve done a lot of summer festivals overseas, which work with this band really well.  We really set ourselves to write music that will go straight from the studio onto stage.  We wanted to make stuff that was stage ready and tough and certainly with Stolen Diamonds, it’s pretty full on as an album, it’s got a lot of parts in it and it’s been invested with a fair bit of energy, so it’s been fun keeping up with the songs on stage.”

Known worldwide for their carnival-like live performances, there will be great expectation when The Cat Empire reach Perth later this month.  Musing on this, Reibl said, “That’s so much about The Cat Empire is that sense of expectation about what the show might bring.  It’s such a chaotic band in so many ways.  Even listening to albums, I find hard to do in terms of the music is just so stylistically diverse, there’s two distinct voices singing the songs, there’s a whole range of different influences in there.  But it does make this combustive setting that translates really well to a live show. 

“When people come to see The Cat Empire, they’re seeing a festival in one set because there’s so much that’s different in there, but there’s something that ties it together, that makes it distinctly Cat Empire.”

The Cat Empire play Kings Park and Botanic Garden on 30 November with support from Dan Sultan Caravãna Sun and local legends Grace Barbé.  Get more information and tickets here.


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