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The Suncharms
The Suncharms

In April 1993 The Suncharms, an indi shoegaze band from Sheffield in the UK, played their last gig.  Now they’re plying their charms once again and experiencing something of a renaissance, musically speaking.  Around The Sound spoke to Suncharms’ vocalist, Marcus Palmer.

“The band got together in 1989, myself and the bass player Richard (Farnell) were teenagers who had just got into the indie music scene.  We were listening to mid 70s Punk, the Mary Chain, McCarthy the Byrds and the C86 Tape (look it up, people, there’s some good stuff on it), and the first few Sarah Records singles. Both of us dreaming of forming a band.

“We ended up playing with lots of bands who appeared in our record collections such as The Television Personalities the Brilliant Corners and The Orchids. The early 90s saw the emergence of Ride and Slowdive and we were all given the Shoegaze label.  It was like living a double life playing live with sold out Sheffield hometown gigs and then playing in London to 3 cartwheeling girls dressed in a 60s style and the bar staff watching on.”

After having been dormant for 33 long years, The Suncharms released Retrospective and things began to crank back into gear again.  Palmer takes up the story.

“We had a great response to Retrospective and our tracks originally from 1991 were being played alongside new shoegaze and Indie Bands.  It got us back on the radar and we were spotted by Mike (Schulman) the owner of Slumberland Records, who originally wanted to release a single in 1992.  Luckily for us he liked our 2018 recordings and we are chuffed to bits to be on a label we’re all fans of.”

The releases have also led to a return to live performance for The Suncharms and they’re now writing and recording a new album and looking forward to a second whirl on the merry go round of the music industry.  Hopefully we’ll get to see them go ‘round in Aus before too long.

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