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Giant Dwarf

Giant Dwarf are one among quite a crop of Perth psych/stoner rock bands going around right now.  Must be something in the air!  Their eponymous debut album is a full-on statement of intent that will please lovers of the genre no end and will make you prick up your ears even if you didn’t think you were that way inclined.

Formed out of a collaboration between members of The Devil Rides Out, Wizard Sleeve and Loose Unit, the band recorded their debut album at Tone City.  Its digital release, in April this year, saw Giant Dwarf shift some serious units in Europe, leading to the band signing to Sound Effect Records, and the release of the album on CD and vinyl.

Asked about Giant Dwarf’s formation and interesting family tree, Guitarist, Russ Tee, told Around The Sound, “We all knew each other prior to starting Giant Dwarf, either through sharing a gig line up or a beer at some point, because the bands and communities we were associated with are quite close and tight knit.  We all had fairly similar taste in music.

“Initially Rich (Fowler, guitar) and Scott (Paterson, bass) lived in the same neighbourhood and wrote a few riffs together after pizzas, pints and parmies at the local pub. The early ideas turned into a handful of instrumental sketches which were expanded on when I joined; I was in Rich’s previous band.  After a few lounge jams and the songs were getting some form, I gave Luke (Drag, drums) a holla to bring some big tasty rhythms. We played for a while as an instrumental act with the intent of attracting a singer that way. We shared a bill with Aaron’s (Sopolinski, vocals) band and he liked the cut of our jib, so he thought he’d step up and put together some vocal arrangements for the songs so we could finally tie our sound together and get out into the world. 

“We nearly scared him off at first as we were going through some strange chilli death sauce phase at that point…but he stuck around.”

Giant Dwarf may be an early-stage Perth band, but they have a lineage and song book that makes them immediately interesting and likely to achieve international success.  We have it on good authority that there are more recordings in the offing for early 2020, so you should be putting them on your watch list as one of the bands of the new decade.  They also will be supporting international stoner and desert rock heavyweights Truckfighters, Yawning Man, Nebula and Kadavar as well as embarking on an Eastern states tour in March 2020.

But, before all that, there’s the Perth launch of their album at Amplifier Bar on 21 December.  With supports from XIII (featuring members of Karnivool and Gyroscope), MAGE, and The Ivory Lies, this is going to be a night not to be missed.  So don’t!  Miss it, that is.

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