Pat Chow


They may have seemed a little quieter of late, but the three-piece-storm that is Pat Chow is back with a new single, Green Eyes. It’s a song with its own unique history and conception.

Green Eyes was written around a year ago a while after I'd discovered The Pogues and had been thrashing their album Rum Sodomy And The Lash,” explains vocalist/guitarist,” Ben Protasiewicz. “I guess the eye colour reference was inspired by A Pair of Brown Eyes from that album. I was writing on acoustic guitar a lot around that time so most the songs from that era are folk chords.

“I demoed the song with Erin Devenish and had Hayley Jane (Timothy Nelson & The Infidels) play violin on that version which had a completely different vibe to the band version you are hearing now. The drum beat is inspired by a Pulp song, The Mark Of the Devil. I don't usually take other peoples’ songs and mash them together that way, but that's what happened with this one. We had Ashby Ranson come sing duet and it's turned out fantastic. She's been bringing great vibes to our live shows when she joins us to sing it.”

Green Eyes has a cleaner, poppier vibe than we’ve previously heard from Pat Chow, for reasons contained herein.

“Having been written on acoustic I think I focused a little more on the vocal melody rather than a nasty fuzzed out riff where I shout all over the top,” Protasiewicz says. “It took a fair amount of work to get this one up and running before we could record it. Fuzz covers up your crap finger technique!” 

Pat Chow’s debut album, Are You Okay?, was released two years ago now. The differences style and approach heard on Green Eyes to have applied across the board.

“I think we've got tighter since Are You Okay?” Protasiewicz states. “We were bouncing more ideas off of each other while we were writing and it's made for more interesting songs. We've been playing around with dynamics and throwing different parts into songs we wouldn't have tried back then. Like a bridge - really, we've never had a song with one - or extend a verse where I would have left it as is before. It's making for better developed songs, I think.” 

The band have an 11-track album being mixed currently so it shouldn’t be too long before we are again tantalised with some long-playing Pat Chow action.

“It's looking good. We're generally enthused about getting this album out and Green Eyes has been received really well by everyone so we'll keep doing this. We'll probably keep doing this regardless of how it's received but to be welcomed back with open arms is a nice feeling!”

Pat Chow launch Green Eyes at Badlands Bar with special guests The Floors, Thee Loose Hounds, FLOSSY and Rinehearts. Gig details at