Mosquito Coast. Pic: Jonty Knight

Mosquito Coast have announced a new national tour in support of their newly released single, Sweet Talking.

 Sweet Talking’s original form was inspired by Ruban (Nielson) from Unknown Mortal Orchestra's guitar style,” says vocalist, Naomi Robinson. “I wanted to do something that had weird guitar shapes and was a bit raw and upbeat. The lyrics originated after.”

“The lyrics are about weighing up the exciting fast-paced whirlwind at the beginning of a relationship with long-term visions,” adds keyboardist, Conor Barton.

 Sweet Talking is a taste of the band’s the forthcoming album. “Expect more synths, more vocal harmonies, more thoughtful writing!” Barton exclaims.

 “I think the new album shows a bit more maturity and songwriting from us,” Robinson says. “We've grown a lot since finishing high school and so have our musical abilities. I think this is evident in the new songs.”

The album is due in autumn and new singles and videos will abound. In the meantime there’s a national tour with a new live-up to take for a drive. Robinson’s excited…

“The new touring has switched around as we have Conor on the keyboard; Mitch Mack is playing bass synth and bass guitar; newest member Oscar van Gass is on drums, and I have a synth as well as a guitar now. I think we've moved away from guitar-driven songs to a more keyboard-centred set-up which is nice.”

The tour ends with a sweet support for Beach House at the Chevron Gardens on February 28.

“It’s always been one of those faraway dreams to play with a band so amazing and talented!” Robinson enthuses. “We’re both very excited to see them up close in all their glory.”

“Very,” Barton affirms. “We also have matching outfits for the occasion.”

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