10 May 2019
Photos by Caris Morcombe

17 Million albums sold. A name synonymous with the rap game, he's Coolio - and he performed on 10 May right here in Perth, at the Capitol.

No support acts and zero merchandise on sale. I would have thought he would have some merch for the tour but there was nothing!

I arrived at 10:30pm and it was most definitely 90's night. Capitols Friday Night DJ, DTuck was spinning some classic tunes from the 90's and I have to say he did a great job. Each track upped the ante, he really read the crowd well.

The show kicked off just after midnight, the crowd was large, and juiced up to the gills. Coolio danced out into 'Gangsta Walk' and it's obvious from the get go this man is a consummate professional in every sense of the word. His backing band were tight, with one guitarist, a hype man/saxophone player, and a drummer on an electric kit. It was an interesting set up - but boy were they great musicians.

I had a friend tell me the last time he saw Coolio it wasn't good - I now have a huge concern over that friend’s judgment because I thought from go to whoa, Coolio was on point the whole set. He's fun, he's talkative, he interacts with the crowd well and shows his appreciation.

When he 'Hit em High' the mood in the building was electric and full of love. 'C U When U Get There' was epic, with Coolio dedicating the song to many of his fellow performers who have passed away over the years. His hype man was a master with the saxophone. Without a doubt one of the best in the world. Things were really cranking into high gear!

His version of Hotel California 'Hotel C' was a clear highlight, with the crowd bopping and enjoying every moment. I felt a little bad noticing not  many people knew the words to the song as Coolio wanted a bit of back and forth from the audience. I think I may have been the only one.

'Boyfriend' was another highlight.

'1, 2, 3, 4' - get your woman on the floor. I totally forgot this was a song of Coolio’s and popped big time for it.

It wasn't long before our main event of the evening, the amazing 'Gangsta's Paradise'. What a tune, what a performance. Everybody lit up when it happened and it was an amazing way to end what was only an hour long set. I felt like it was the perfect amount of time.

I walked away satisfied, I was hoping to hear 'Rollin' with my Homies' but that's just me. There's a reason why he is 17 million albums deep. Thank you Coolio and your talented band for a great evening!

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