Tanaya Harper


Following on from a solid year in 2018 with her acclaimed Some Kinds EP, Tanaya Harper moves beyond solo mode and is set to debut her full band line-up.

After two years in lonesome mode, transitioning to a band scenario comes as a breath of fresh air.

“It’s been great,” she says. “Since being in Bells Rapids I’ve really missed playing with a band because I can only do so much instrumentally. Playing solo, the songs really lack the dynamics that I hear in them. I’m just really happy that the songs can now live up to their full potential.

The band features Beau Torrance on lead guitar and Luke Del Fante on drums, both of Ghostcare, of whom Harper is also a member. “I joined that band because they’re phenomenal songwriters and players,” Harper says. “So I devised a cunning plan to trick them into being in my band as well. Sara McPherson (Bells Rapids/New Talk) plays bass. “We all know she’s a pro and I’m so happy to have her on the team.”

Harper is revelling in writing songs with a full band in mind once again.

“It gives me the freedom to explore different styles of writing that I previously was unable to do,” she notes. “I can’t really do a grungy tune by myself. It feels really lonely and kind of like I’ve wasted a song.”

Later this she’ll Harper will record her first full band EP with producer, Dave Parkin, followed by a video to be directed by Matt Pritcher.

“In the near future. I’d really love to do an East Coast tour later in the year,” Harper notes, “we’ll see.”

There’s much to do but also much to be inspired by from other WA artists.

“I really admire Ali Flintoff for her songwriting prowess and versatility,” Harper says. “Jacob Diamond is another gem - pun definitely intended - he’s like a one-man symphony. What I said before about not being able to achieve dynamics as a solo artist he does so effortlessly.

“And just quickly, Bella Nicholls (Demon Days) has a downright amazing voice.”

Tanaya Harper debuts her full band on February 15 at The Bird with help from GAZEY and Ursula.

Tickets Please: https://www.facebook.com/events/313403152634590/



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