When Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite won the ‘Best Blues Album’ Grammy Award in 2014 for their first collaboration, Get Up!, Harper was ready to get on the ride all over again.

    “I’d go into the studio tonight!” he said in his acceptance. Thus began the stirrings of the duo’s recently released second album, No Mercy In This Land.


    Hidden Treasures, Fremantle'S West End, Thursday, July 5, 2018

    The air is rarefied at Hidden Treasures, but thankfully there’s enough for everybody. The 2018 edition kicked off last Thursday on Fremantle’s West End, with some folks returning to the warmth they knew so well from previous years and others visiting for the first time, having been told of the fare of offer and how it is delivered.

  • Electric Dreams

    Ama Quinsee has laryngitis.  It’s self-inflicted — ‘‘still recovering from last week’s antics supporting Radio Moscow” — and the Legs Electric front woman is pretty upbeat about it — “It’s good to know I still have a loud mouth even under the current circumstances.”

    So, is Ama Quinsee just another loud-mouthed front, for just another band?  When asked what makes her the ‘heart and soul’ of Legs Electric’s sound, Quinsee shifts from Dionysian devil-may-care to just a little bit coy.


    The Soul Movers do what they say on the tin. They summon classic soul and move you in the now by even amounts of experience and passion for the musical form.

    Vocalist Lizzie Mack hails from Perth and for many years was a fixture on the WA music scene, always seen at the best gigs and the post-show gatherings. Many years ago she moved to Melbourne with her then-partner, Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) and this rockin’ soul experience soon came to be.


    Photo: petegardnerphotography.com

    Craig Skelton has played in bands for over three decades, but his latest outfit is his favourite and for very good reason. The Skelton Collective features Craig on keyboards/vocals, his wife Deb on bass/vocals. daughter Jess on lead-vocals/saxophone and son, Dan, on drums. It is, as Sly Stone would have it, a family affair...


    "As you may or may not know our dear friend Bobby Burgess was involved in a terrible accident in the U.S. a few weeks ago. With medical and rehabilitation fees looming, he’s gonna need our help to get back on his feet." TIM HAMZAH fills us in on how his dear friend is progressing ahead of a benefit show at Badlands tonight...

    What's the latest on Bobby's condition?


    With Regurgitator bringing their performance of the classic 1967 album, The Velvet Underground & Nico, to Perth, bassist/vocalist, Ben Ely, well remembers his first introduction to the album that launched a thousand bands.


    Photo: Rachel Claire

    In every artist lies a fan.

    For Tanaya Harper - well-known for fronting Bells Rapids and now making headway as a solo artist - an opportunity to tip her hat to an early influence came early this week on RTRFM’s ‘Breakfast With Caitlin’ show’s Slightly Odway segment, when she performed a version of Little Birdy’s 2003 debut single, Relapse. It was a lovingly delivered and fitting tribute.


    Photo: Ben Sullivan

    The Presets’ Kim Moyes is at his home studio in Sydney contemplating the creative process and how it applied it to their new album, HI VIZ. The five-time-ARIA-Award-winning band he has fronted with Julian Hamilton for 15 years are at a point in their career where they’re not putting out albums because it’s ‘time’ to do so, or because it’s part of the album/tour/album/tour cycle.

    It’s simply because they do it when they want to.


    Photo: Zackery Michael

    He walks into MiniBar, a retro cocktail lounge in the Hollywood Hills, dressed like a cross between Nick Cave and Father John Misty.

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