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Sister Switchblade
Sister Switchblade
Around The Sound recently sat down and have a yarn with Andy Smith, the frontman of Perth hard rock band Sister Switchblade, set to release their sophomore album Tales and Taboos in early August. The boys in the band are fairly well known individually in the local rock scene, and we wanted the world to know more about them individually and collectively.
“If you like hard rock music, it doesn’t get any better than Sister Switchblade.”
We started by asking Andy to give us a run down on how the band came about.

“The band came together by accident actually. I had an album’s worth of songs written in preparation for my former band (Babyjane) and then we broke up. So I decided to record them anyway and brought in some mates to help out. When it was finished I put a line up together so I could launch it with a live show and after the gig we just decided to keep going. Everyone in the band is involved with different musical projects so Sister Switchblade is a pretty casual thing, but every time we get together we write a song. That’s how we ended up with Tales and Taboos.”

Tales and Taboos is the follow up Sister Switchblade’s their debut album Best Served Cold.  We asked Andy how the first album did, and about the differences between the recording and sound of both albums.

“The first album did a lot better than I had anticipated. It got a lot of really great reviews from overseas and it was really cool as every time a good review was posted online I started getting orders for CDs or selling digital copies through CDbaby. For a while I was posting hard copies around the world on an almost daily basis. I reckon there’s at least one copy of Best Served Cold in every state in the US. I actually only just put the album on iTunes this March and it immediately went into the Australian top 100. Considering it’s  two years old I was quite surprised with that.

Style-wise there are some similarities with both albums, but Tales and Taboos is a much simpler, straight-ahead rock album. Most of the songs came together as jams so they kind of wrote themselves. With Best Served Cold I sat down and wrote parts for each instrument whereas with Tales we just plugged in and started making a racket. And as for recording, we had a very small budget so it is what it is — a raw rock record.”

The album is being launched on 3 August at The Boston, so we asked what fans can expect from the show.

“We have Legacy of Supremacy and Jackson Koke joining us. All three bands are different but have similar influences. It’s gonna be a night of high energy hard rock.  If you like Motley Crue, Guns n Roses, AC/DC then chances are you’ll enjoy this show.”


We asked what was in the pipeline for Sister Switchblade and if the boys intended on doing any touring or playing overseas.

“At this stage in our lives, with families and day jobs, touring as an independent, unsigned band is very difficult. Not just financially, but we all have different responsibilities here in Perth. Having said that, I played some shows in the US a few years ago and I still keep getting asked by the booking agents and promoters when I’m coming back. So I’d never say never. But it’s not on the immediate agenda.”

Finally, we wanted to know what the band’s immediate plans are for near future.

“Make more music. There are a few songs that never made it on Tales and Taboos so there’s more material ready to go right now. It wasn’t because they weren’t good enough, I just don’t like albums with too many songs. I like to keep it at 12 max. So there’s a few songs all ready to go and I have a shitload of riffs on my phone waiting to be made into songs. So they will definitely be more music and who knows, if the planets all line up I would like to take this thing overseas at some point.”

If you like hard rock music, it doesn’t get any better than Sister Switchblade. Andy is a roaring frontman, full of passion, piss and vinegar, and the band’s live performance is certainly something to see. Head on down to The Boston in Northbridge on Saturday, 3 August for the Sister Switchblade Tales and Taboos album launch with Jackson Koke and Legacy Of Supremacy. It will be worth it!

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