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In 2019, The Preatures make their Perth Festival debut with a stripped-back acoustic show at Chevron Gardens on 17 February.  One of Australia’s best-loved pop-rock bands, The Preatures bristle with hook-laden swagger and retro flair. Led by mercurial goddess Izzi Manfredi the fourpiece combine sassy melodies with sizzling anthems such as ‘Is This How You Feel?’ and ‘Somebody’s Talking’.

Preatures guitarist, Jack Moffitt thinks that playing an acoustic set will be “like dancing without shoes.”

“To be honest, it’s a difficult thing for us to do the acoustic thing.  When we get a long enough lead to be able to take the time to get the touch right, we like to do that sort of stuff.  Almost all of the songs start that way and it can be a challenge to have to go back into that space, but it’s a challenge that we like.  People see us and kind of know what it’s (the show) going to be and, most of the time it is that high energy rock and roll thing.  It’s a chance to get back to our acoustic origins.”

When ATS suggested that, even after having toured WA as recently as September last year, there will still be plenty of appetite for another Preatures live show, Moffitt didn’t hold back.

“It’s mutual, we love Perth and the people over there. I don’t think we’d ever pass up an opportunity to go to WA.  It’s awesome.  It sounds like a platitude, but it’s not.  We love coming over and we love playing there.  We’ve got lots of friends who are musicians from WA and those people are a great influence to us.  We always want to make it count, because it’s a long fucking way to go, let’s be honest.”

On playing their debut at Perth Festival, Moffitt is well aware of the enormity of the task they’ve taken on.


“The [Perth Festival] program is staggering, it’s huge.  It puts everybody to shame in a way, just the love and the clout behind the festival and what’s on.  I hope we don’t let people down.  I’m really excited for it.

“I’m really excited for us to play a show with Abbe May as well.  I feel like we’re connected in a way.  I watch her playing and I wish I was nearly half as cool as that.”

WA’s own guitar-slinging, beat-driven, indie riff-rocking femme fatale Abbe May is also preparing a stripped back acoustic set, so 17 February promises to be a special evening.

Take off your shoes and enjoy the music.

Event information
The Preatures and Abbe May play Chevron gardens on Sunday 17 February.
For more information and tickets visit:

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