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Upon hearing the dark, epic melodies crafted by this post-black metal quintet one would not assume they originated in a place like Perth. Illyria are one of the most exciting and ingenious bands to come out of Western Australia in recent years. Ahead of the release of their second full-length The Carpathian Summit due out on April 26th, Around The Sound spoke with Illyria’s vocalist/guitarist Ilija about what it’s like creating music so different to most.

“We compose, record and perform music for ourselves. If other people enjoy it as well, they can enjoy the journey, however we don’t really try to attempt any ‘fan-service’ whatsoever in our music. Art is about pushing and challenging boundaries, in my opinion.

“You can hear vibrant post-black metal traits with the likes of Alcest, Deafheaven and Heretoir, however I think we have a few more genres in our repertoire including death metal, progressive rock/metal and post-hardcore. We like to throw curveballs at our listeners whilst still staying integral to our main influence being that post-black metal sound.”

Young, talented and incredibly driven individuals make up Illyria and they are definitely a band you should be keeping a close eye on. Don’t miss the release of The Carpathian Summit available for pre-order now via BandCamp.

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