Southern River Band


Breaking news in The Southern River Band camp. Literally. The clearly beloved Thornlie rockers recently farewelled three of its members - guitarist Jason Caniglia, bassist Anton Dindar and drummer, Carlo Romeo – with vocalist/guitarist, Callum Kramer, staying on to fly the SRB flag with a new line-up

Details are sketchy, but they are what they are. As with most band evolutions where some stay and others go, there’s some sting being felt and emotions being expressed on all sides. Kramer’s keeping his cards close to his chest re what’s unfolded and what will occur next, but clearly it’s not been fun.

“What can I say? I’m not going get dragged into a he said-she said, and I can’t change, nor stop people from thinking what they’re going to think, saying what they’re going to say, or doing what they’re going to do,” Kramer told Around The Sound this week.

“This shit breaks my fucking heart. Sadly though, in life, things change and shit happens. The Southern River Band rolls on.”

No word yet as to who else is in the new line-up, nor what Caniglia, Dindar and Romeo’s next musical moves will be. Either way the future is bound to be as colourful as the past, and we wish everyone involved (or, not involved, as the case may be) all the very best.

The Southern River Band’s next scheduled gig is Pub Rules at Jack Rabbit Slim’s, also featuring Hideous Sun Demon, Western Kinsmen Of The Sun and Cooper & The Catz.

It keeps on rollin’ along.