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Greatest Show on Earth

Copperline Music Group’s U.S. Emerging Country Act, the Davisson Brothers Band, Collaborate with ABC Music’s Australian Country Star Amber Lawrence to Release “Greatest Show On Earth”.

Joining forces with Australian multi-Golden Guitar winner Amber Lawrence, the Davisson Brothers Band created a transcontinental collaboration during COVID-19 using the video conferencing application Zoom and ended up with a feel-good, upbeat song to inspire the world.

Their new duet, “Greatest Show On Earth,” is impacting radio and fans across both continents on August 7, 2020.  “I’m thrilled that the end result of a zoom songwriting session is the recording and release of this amazing song – an inspiring memo that we’re all in this together, no matter where we are in the world,” says Amber Lawrence.  

“We recommend everyone listening to this at high volume and a lot of bass! We wish nothing but good to everyone and we hope this brightens someone’s day when they hear it. That’s all this song was meant to do–bring positivity to the world,” says The Davisson Brothers.  

The Davisson Brothers and Amber Lawrence became friends and fans of each other back in 2018 during the time the band’s first single, “Po Boyz” hit the top of the Australian radio charts. The brothers have often been a guest on “Amber Nights”– Lawrence’s weekly iHeart radio show.

After an interview this past March, the brothers invited Lawrence to a songwriting session, and added in their good friend and hit American songwriter Rob Synder.

With over 10,000 miles between them and a 15-hour time difference, the unlikely foursome connected on Zoom, and the rest is history.  Produced by Dan Frizsell, “Greatest Show On Earth” will fill the airwaves with positivity and get everyone dancing through these hard times.  

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