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It’s always beautiful when artists promote each other’s new music; but launching new releases side by side really takes it that one step further. It’s such a modest move in my eyes, because it’s effectively an artist letting someone else share the spotlight rather than taking it for themself. And that’s exactly what folky indie pop goddess Tashi and electro rock four piece Tether are achieving as they join forces to each launch their newest singles into the scene. I had a chat with both of these amazing artists about past relationship experiences, progression and diversity ahead of the releases and launch show at The Bird this month.

Multi-instrumentalist Tashi is no stranger to the music scene, having played around Australia and even USA and Canada over the past 9 years as both a solo artist and with her band. “I perform with an incredibly talented 5 piece band” she said endearingly, “Each member has been carefully considered and selected to help deliver the best funky fresh sound”. Tashi also spoke very highly of Tether, and she noted that her and Codie Sandstrum (vocals/guitar/production for Tether) have known each other way before this launch. “After not seeing each other in years, I was out last year seeing a friend play at The Sewing Room and to my surprise Codie was playing in a band called Tether. They impressed my rainbow socks off!”, she exclaimed.

However, it wasn’t until last year that all of Tether experienced the magic of Tashi’s amazing live show. I happened to be in the room that evening too… it was one of the last sets of WAMfest 2018, yet Tashi and her band still managed to fill The Brass Monkey with such a lively and keen bunch of local music lovers. Not long after that, both acts realised they were working on new material, so they “thought it’d be great to launch two singles at once and merge our audiences”.

Tether’s addition to this double release is only their second single, following their well received debut ‘The Knife’. The new song entitled ‘Empty Spaces’ “came out of the breakdown of a manipulative relationship, and captures the feeling of being trapped” according to the band, and they added “it’s kind of like two people’s perspectives being vastly different”. Tether also mentioned that this single is “a lot more electronically driven, with a super dancy groove and a lot of 80s inspired production”.

Tashi takes a similar lyrical tone with her new single ‘Fever’ too, noting that some tough learning experiences over the last three years have led her to open up about the physical and verbal abuse, intense blackmail and manipulation that once drove her to a state of having to “fight to stay alive”. She explains “‘Fever’ is about being pulled so far down that it became all I knew. The pain became a drug and I began to lose my perspective on the real world”.

Both writers really selflessly open themselves up on these tracks, and it really proves their courage as artists. But courage is something that both these artists exhibit constantly; especially while diversity and unity within our music scene is still slowly making its way to the forefront. “Way too many men also think it’s ok to touch/grab/stare at women” Tashi noted after I questioned her about what’s progressed in Perth’s live scene. She does believe that “more opportunities for women are being definitely being created” but she also encourages some more positive input from the male side of the industry, noting that she’d “love to see more men being active role models and talking to other men about these issues”.


Tashi recently had the privilege of documenting the ‘Girls Rock!’ Music Camp and said she was “blown away by just how many talented young women the Perth music scene hasn’t even discovered yet”. It seems like that experience reinforced a positive outlook, which was expressed when she added: “Girls are powerful and Perth is full of talent – and I’m bloody grateful everyday”.

Tether and Tashi will be joined by Joan & the Giants and Siobhan Cotchin to complete a fantastic female dominated lineup for their double single launch show. Make sure you get down to The Bird on April 6th to help them celebrate as they release ‘Empty Spaces’ and ‘Fever’ into the scene.

Double launch show @ The Bird:

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