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Lionizer refer to themselves as self-managed, which extends to their recordings too. Their Facebook page has a few intriguing videos of home-recording software playing back mammoth 40-track productions. So what’s the go with that?

“We will start with a scratch track mapped out and work on arrangements, once this is completed we will track drums, bass, guitars and vocals” said bass player, Cliff Wieczorek. “The teaser vids are normally when I’ve just put together some ideas and I want to show it off before it’s mixed and hidden away, so there’s normally around 40-50 tracks of music that I’ll slowly condense down.”

Do-it-yourself has come a long way, huh? Lionizer just released their latest single, Semi-Permanent, so ATS asked how their writing process had changed over time. Drummer Bailey Lions took up the story.

“Musically it all started out very different. I was writing a bunch of songs and sharing demos, while Vez would be writing lyrics and sending through melody ideas. The original pairing was this folk-punk-esque thing with far too many moving parts.

But, how bloody great is Eggboy? Free entry to any Lionizer show for life!”


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