Eluveitie by Misty, Shadow-World Photography


Rosemount Hotel
19 May

Eluveitie describe themselves as the new wave of folk metal - their musical style incorporates characteristics of melodic death metal combined with the melodies of traditional Celtic music. They use traditional European instruments, including the hurdy-gurdy and bagpipes, amidst guitars and both clean and harsh vocals. Chrigel Glanzmann is the brains behind it all, and he lead his 8 piece band at the Rosemount to a terrific 2 hour show.

The show started off with local act 'Wrath of Fenrir' on a day that I had heard was filled with controversy for them, they managed to get up on stage and perform their hearts out. I don't think there would have been many bands from Perth that would suit a bill like this but they did their job. I particularly liked the lead singers 'Road Warrior Animal-esque' facpaint, straight out of the Legion of Doom. Oh, what a rush!

Eluveitie hit the stage and it was exciting, truly enthralling. I can't give you a song by song listing of the nights proceedings, all I can do is explain to you what I heard and saw. This band is a well oiled machine. Chrigel is a great leader. From start to finish I found it to be such an interesting and powerful show. Chrigel does the bulk of the harsh vocals, if not all. I have to say the man has a madness to him, to be the architect of such music really is something to be impressed with.

The Celtic harp, Mandola player Fabienne Emi was a complete show-stealer for me. I think most of the crowd couldn't take their eyes off her, she is charisma personified. I feel compelled to say that I have never heard a voice like hers. It was angelic as anything. Especially during the song 'Ategnatos'.

Also rocking out on the hurdy gurdy was Michalina Malisz - whom in unison with Fabienne would do the coolest hairwhipping and windmilling I've ever seen. Such a great touch. Everybody in the band did a great job, but those were the standouts to me.

The venue was packed, and buzzing. Further confirmation to me about how the metal scene in Perth always supports the bands that come over our way. It was a really great show - they played 23 songs that spanned their 17 year catalogue and didn't leave one person at The Rosemount Hotel disappointed.

Photo Credit: Misty, Shadow-World Photography

Black Water Dawn
Quoth the Raven
A Rose for Epona
A Cry in the Wilderness
Kingdom Come Undone
Drum Solo
Gray Sublime Archon

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