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Em Burrows Releases Boy

Em Burrows.jpg

Following her critically acclaimed EP Solitary Sounds, Perth’s Em Burrows announces the release of Boy, the second single from her debut LP Invisible Seams (out March 19th on Group Therapy Records). 

Coupling her distinctive and self-assured contralto voice with analogue synths, dreamy electronics, and minimalist drums, Boy takes a more ambient and reflective turn for Burrows. Her thoughtful, mature, and structured song writing is as strong as ever though and with lyrical content planted firmly in the present, Boy delivers another exciting glimpse into Burrows’ upcoming full length release.

You can listen to Boy here.

Em Burrows was previously the song writer and frontwoman of psych-folk-rock band The Lammas Tide. She is based in Perth, Western Australia, and performs with a 6 piece band (Web Rumors) that features some of Perth’s prominent female musicians. Her debut album Invisible Seams will be out on March 19th on Group Therapy Records in digital and vinyl formats and available for purchase on Bandcamp.