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DIY Rainclouds

Alt-rock/post-punk outfit DIY Rainclouds have just released a new single, Alibi, a song conceived via something of an accidental sonic detour.

Alibi came about when I was trying to write a new part for another song – which I never finished – and somehow ended up with this bassline which begins the song,” says vocalist/guitarist, Dylan Walters. “I had this idea to evolve it into this dark song but using elements you’d normally find in like an Alt-J song or something. It only took one day for me to record a demo… which is strange for me it normally takes me about a month or so.

“I brought it to the band and they did their thing and here we are. The lyrics aren’t necessarily about anything in particular, but more trying to use vocabulary to bring about a mood. I think the whole ‘needing to tell a story with lyrics’ thing doesn’t need to be used in every song. There are ways to utilise the English language as a tool in music to evoke emotion from the listeners due to the stigma attached to words.”

The single is the first release since the band debuted their first EP, Prevention, about a year ago. There’s an evolution present, which is understandable.

The songs on the EP were all written when I was aged 16 so since then we’ve matured a lot,” Walters explains. “I think that shows in our new stuff. Changing to two new bandmates since the EP (Aiden McDougall on bass and Luke McCallum on guitar) has given us a new more developed feel.”

There’s quite a timeless feel about DIY Rainclouds’ songs and the way they are performance. It comes from a diversity of influences, old and new.


“We are influenced by a variety of music regardless of the era it was released,” Walters says, “and have varied tastes within the band as well. Although some common ground would be bands like Radiohead, Floating Points and Slowdive. There’s a large hip hop influence within the group, especially Alec and Aiden. For me as a songwriter though, the music that motivates me to write is music that either expresses emotion or is innovative in some way. I enjoy listening to more experimental artists like Bjork and Animal Collective just as much as I enjoy artists like The Beatles and Marvin Gaye.”

Walters and drummer Alec Hay first played together in a five-piece band called Puzzle, before forming DIY Soundcouds.  

“The initial vision was to play sort of ambient/post rock music,” Walters recalls. “After a few more member changes however we lost the keys and started heading in a more post-punk/alt-rock direction.

“We’re now in a third form of the group with new members and are heading into different territory. I personally want to start incorporating more electronic textures into the music and taking it beyond the traditional band format. Although I feel like we are still trying to find our sound as a band at this point.”

With a EP and a new single up their sleeve the band’s plan for the future is mainly to keep on keeping on.

“We don’t plan for world domination or anything,” Walters says. “As amazing as it would be to be able to play music as a career, as long as were making new music that we feel happy with ourselves I don’t think there’s anything else you really need.”

DIY Rainclouds launch Alibi at the Rosemount Hotel on Saturday, September 2, with help from Moonlighter, BATSCandy Guts and Yomi Ship. More gig details at

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