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End Of Fashion back in the studio

End Of Fashion set up camp at Debaser Studio earlier this month, recording new material for the first time in a very long one.

“I don’t think End Of Fashion’s been in a studio recording original music since about early 2010,” says guitarist/vocalist, Justin Burford.

“It’s a considerable amount of time,” adds bassist Jay Cortez, with suitable gravity.

Guitarist Jules Dudman and drummer Nathan Sproule (Southern River Band) complete the line-up who re-gathered to lay down some track with producer, Andy Lawson.

So, what prompted the return?

“Justin made parole,” laughs Cortez.


“I was allowed back!” Burford echoes. “We did a pretty off-the-cuff gig at Amplifier about two years ago and I just remember that people showed up! I made some comment about putting new stuff out and it got a good reaction. It’s taken two-and-a-half years to get from there to here. And for me it’s always been about the songs; if there’s no songs to record then there’s no point in forcing it. I finally had enough songs that were of a certain quality that I felt were worth recording.”

In recent years Burford has worked on his other original band, Coco Blu, as well as musical theatre productions (Rock Of Ages, and in character performances as Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison). Performing his own songs is his priority, however, and in this sense he’s come home.

“The thing is if we were gonna do it we’d have to go back to that classic Fash sound – four guys in a room making music together,” he explains. “I think the characters of these songs represent the different side of the personalities that End Of Fashion have always had – the reflective/introspective side, the anthemic and the more whimsical, brattish side of the band.

“I feel like each song that we’re recording in this session represents one of those sides.”

Watch our full video interview, filmed/edited by Cooper @Gordonco Visuals, here…


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