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With an ear tilted towards the Britpop sounds of yore, Perth’s Imperials have just released a new single, Get Off On The Ride.

Interestingly, Get Off On The Ride was also the title of the band’s 2016 debut EP, although the song didn’t feature on that release. It’s like Led Zeppelin and House Of The Holy all over again (just Google it, m’kay?).  

Yeah, we couldn’t think of a title for the EP and I’d just written the track and thought, ‘well it sums up where we are as band, that title’, just enjoying the ride and cracking on,” explains vocalist/guitarist, Ben Pattison. “

Plus, as you mention, if it’s alright for Zeppelin it’s alright for Imperials. But fuck me it’s caused some confusion!”

The song itself is the product of two Pattison compositions that simply wouldn’t finish on their own. In combining the two a newer, complete song revealed itself. It was a marriage made in… well, Pattison’s head, really.

“I couldn’t manage to finish either of them so I just put them together! I wanted a big, expansive tune reminiscent of the early Verve or Ride. It’s got one of those choruses that just lifts up and gallops and there’s a big build-up towards the end that goes off live.


“Lyrically, it’s about having the attitude of ‘whatever will be, will be’ and that the meaning of life is to enjoy the ride and take every opportunity that comes. The other element is that of instant attraction, locking eyes with someone and seeing a future mapped out. Carnality leading to eternal love and commitment.”

The future certainly wasn’t mapped out for the single, with the band deciding during the course of a Friday night pub crawl that they would record the single the very next morning. True to form, ‘eternal love and commitment’ won through.

“That actually started on that WAM river cruise with free booze!” Pattison says of the WAM Festival’s annual riverboat networking event. “We ended up at some girls’ flat in Scarborough and Scotty’s (guitarist) knocking on the bedroom door at 5.30am, sun rising, going, ‘Ben, we gotta get outta here – we gotta record in three hours’. So we stumble in with no sleep and it was brutal. But surprisingly we came up with some good stuff we didn’t have before we went in!”

Imperials openly cite influences such a Kasabian, Verve and Oasis, as well as Australia’s own DMA’s. here’s certainly a strong connection happening here with British sounds.

“The ‘90s Britpop bands are the bands that made us learn our instruments,” Pattison explains. “That music just makes us feel invincible and that’s how we want people to feel when they listen to our tunes.

“It’s handy that DMAs have come along as now people who ‘get’ DMA’s will instantly ‘get’ us. They’ve done the groundwork!”

Pattison says that the band are consistently recording at Rada Studios with resident producer and Imperials’ right-hand-man, Matt Gio. They have 50 songs on the burner with more on the way.

“We’ve got this philosophy that the more we record the better we’ll become,” Pattison states. “We’re probably gonna get an EP out in May; it’s 80 per cent finished, definitely a few bangers in there. Beatles and Bowie is the vibe.

“Style-wise it’s definitely the direction we’re travelling in. The time is right for more big sexy rock songs. Man, I heard Ali Barter the other day and listened to that Cigarette tune like 15 times! The world’s always been complicated but with social media addiction people get hysterical about all this shit that doesn’t affect them in the slightest and just fucks their headspace.

“We want to encourage people to not be caught up in the spin and focus on getting the most out of their own lives.”

Imperials launch the Get Off On The Ride single on Saturday, March 18, at Amplifier Bar with help from Nautical Mile, Blind Opinion and Moth. Doors open 8pm.

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