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MY DISCO’s fans certainly have a treat coming their way with Environment

MY DISCO’s new album Environment is set for release on the 1st of March, the same day the band kicks off their national tour in Sydney at the Lansdowne. Speaking with MY DISCO’s guitarist Ben Andrews, he said, “The band is really excited to get back on the road and share what we’ve been working on with this album. I think it’s a really special thing that the fans who are there at the first show get to experience the album for the first time all together and buy a copy before anyone else. It’s going to be really interesting to see how they all react to the new album.”

 There will be multiple international and local acts joining MY DISCO on their ‘Environment’ tour. “They’re all great bands and we’re all really excited to see them play,” Ben said, commenting on how the tour has been daunting in the lead up but that the band’s all ready to go and, “can’t wait to get on stage.” The tour promises to showcase the band’s playing abilities like never before, pushing each member to their limits with the aim that it will be an incredible experience, rather than ‘just another show’ for all people involved.  As Ben said, “this album was made to be played live”.

Having written their upcoming album, Environment in only two weeks whilst in Berlin, MY DISCO have really pushed their song writing ideas outside the box, literally, according to Ben, “The whole idea behind the album is to create something different and space had a lot to do with that. Being able to take away all of life’s distractions and focus purely on the music made the album what it is today. Coming out of those two cold winter weeks we thought we’d have a song or two…turns out we had a whole album”. Ben explained how the band wrote over twenty songs during their two weeks in Berlin and many of the songs that made it to the album were actually parts of those twenty songs put together, stitching all the good concepts and sounds together to create an album that is truly something special.

MY DISCO’s fans certainly have a treat coming their way with Environment, it’s experimental “time-sensitive and middle of the night making” has it in a league of its own and something the band is very proud to call their own.

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