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7 November
Photos by Damien Crocker

Locals Bayou scored the opening slot for the night, kicking things off at Badlands with their big riffing, fat bass and heavy hitting sound.A great choice to start the bill, these guys have been honing their sound for more than a few years now and it showed, with a solid, sharp set mixing up dirty blues/metal/rock, throw in a Largerphone and you have a winning show.

Powerhouse three piece Black Rheno came out swinging hard and delivered a knockout set. Every member of the band lays it down 100%, holding nothing back and drawing the crowd from the back of the venue and into the pit.Like an a irate Peter Garret, vocalist Ryan Millerstorms around the stage(and every other part of the venue), guitarist Nano wields his guitar like a low slung weapon, single-handedly filling in the space of lead, rhythm and bass in one go, while drummer Dougy is a flurry of sticks and dreads as he tears up the kit. These guys could be playing to 10 or 10,000 people and they’d still be giving it everything, crossing genres with a mix of heavy grooves that’s hard to beat. A band that needs to be seen live, a Black Rheno show is a relentless and infectious experience that’s guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face.

It was third time lucky for Perth punters with NOLA legends Eyehategod’s previous two tours suffering last minute cancellations,but thankfully EHG made the wait worthwhile. While disappointing to have founding member Jimmy Bower absent due to arm surgery, former guitarist Brian Patton slotted back in seamlessly taking up guitar duties for the tour. Vocalist Mike IX Williams has had an interesting and challenging journey through his life, but with three decades fronting EHG there was nothing stopping him tonight as he brutalized his vocal chords and engaged with the crowd throughout the set. Williams provides a focal point with his pained and devilish manner, dousing himself with water throughout the show, whipping his head around and wrestling with the mic as the band worked their way through their relatively sparse studio catalog. It was clear that this was a night that many had been waiting a long time for, and punters were rewarded as EHG delivered their heavy and brutal groove with a raw drive that has to be experienced first hand. Loose but tight, chaos but controlled, there is a feeling of unease and anticipation watching an EHG show, but it’s an intoxicating mix that left the gathered masses well satiated.

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