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Teddy Maxx aka “Eyes of Teddy” may not yet be a household name, however he has certainly had a significant behind the scenes role to play as a long time collaborator and personal photographer in the rise of South African Hip Hop megastar and Def Jam signed artist Nasty C.

Credited as Visual Director on Nasty C tracks such as ‘Juice Back‘, Hell Naw& ‘Switched Up, Eyes of Teddy’s break through videography project was his Co-Director credit on the 2019 Netflix Documentary Zulu Man in Japan which chronicled Nasty C’s behind the scenes artistic exploration of Japanese Culture.

After a lifetime behind the scenes, Eyes of Teddy is finally ready to share his story through music, starting with the 80’s Pop Inspired release ‘Green Light which dropped earlier this month. 

Perth musician and Around the Sound writer Young Dapper, caught up with Eyes of Teddy for a broad ranging Zoom chat that discusses the release of ‘Green Light’ as well as the spiritual and self reflective journey that has brought him to this chapter in his life. Young Dapper was lucky enough to meet Eyes of Teddy and spend time with the Nasty C crew during an Australian Tour early 2019, so this chat was a great opportunity for some old friends to reconnect.

“Sometimes in life you meet people that completely change the way you see yourself and the way you view the world, Teddy is one of those people for me” – Young Dapper

I had the pleasure of meeting him back in January 2019 while on tour with Nasty C as his photographer. The impact that he had on me was one that left an incredible mark on my life, the conversations were meaningful and inspiring to me in every way. 


From a young age, Teddy always had a passion for music, however successful achievements in other areas including his passion for videography have meant it was never the right time. With the release of his debut single ‘Green Light‘ earlier this month, it’s emphatically clear that his time for music is now

The high energy, 80’s inspired electro pop track has an incredible up-tempo funk beat that literally fills you with joy. Teddy’s high energy and infectious personality jumps out in the lyrics and pop vocals. It’s the kind of track that I imagine myself cruising down the highway with my partner by my side and when the track hits the radio, I look at her, we break into a huge smile and happiness takes over our bodies as we start grooving together. This song, put simply, just makes you feel good.

I sat down with Teddy for Dapper Chats and this is what he had to say about ‘Green Light

Teddy: For me it’s mostly about the emotion and the feelings and the vibration. Right now, I’m just trying to express through music, through paintings, through words, through everything, I’m just trying to express myself in a way that you will understand and feel what I am feeling. I just believe that there is so much that we can do if we pay attention to how we feel. I feel like our feelings are rarely ever wrong and therefore if we pay attention to our feelings then we can accomplish so many things. For this music, it’s a feeling thing more than anything. I just want to feel…

YD: This is your first track, is there plans for more releases, an EP? an Album?

Teddy: Yes, this is just the start of the Eyes of Teddy journey. I am working on lot’s of music but I wanted to release ‘Green Light‘ first to open myself up to new audiences and because I really like this song. I love how it makes me feel. I love how it makes other people feel. So my plan is to push this song now to build a bigger audience and then I have follow up tracks that I am ready to release. I’m also working on shooting a music video for this track too. I created this song because I wanted to share good vibrations and that’s how it was recorded, just a really good vibe in the studio. The title “Green Light” is symbolic of me finally giving myself permission to go ahead with music and makes me feel good to know that I am making other people feel good.

YD: I find it inspiring that you have so much passion for making others happy and the self belief that you will actually impact others lives. Where does that come from?

Teddy: I just realised, and this is how I think right now, that the last chapter of my life has not been lived, it has not been written. I’m still alive, I’m still surviving, I can still change. If you’re judging me on now and saying “You’re not gonna be that”, “You’re not gonna reach that”, well how do you know? You’re judging me prematurely, I can still go, I can still rise, you know? Right now it doesn’t matter if I’ve only explored 10%, maybe 20% of my potential, I don’t know, I’m just trying to explore more. I just feel like I’ve landed on this part of me that I wanted to see, that I wanted to feel and that’s why I don’t mind trying new things like launching my music.

The full Dapper Chat can be found in the here My conversation with Eyes of Teddy goes for 55 minutes and covers a range of deep topics relating to self improvement, spirituality and the power of a positive mindset and self belief.

This interview was one of the most interesting, insightful chat’s I’ve conducted. Eyes of Teddy’s words led me to explore more questions about myself than I have ever had before. I was fascinated in particular in how Teddy discusses a life hack to help find the best version of you, even if that means separating yourself into two people. His concept of Teddy and Teddy2.0 to gain perspective and help come to decisions was particularly thought provoking. 

Don’t miss the rest of this epic chat, watch it HERE and be sure to leave questions or comments for us to follow up in our next chat with Eyes of Teddy.