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Slaves are a UK duo consisting of Isaac Holman on vocals and drums and Laurie Vincent, vocals and guitar.  If you haven’t heard of them, it’s not because they aren’t massive in their home country, their last date was at London’s Alexandra Place in front of over 10,000 people!  Now, they’re in Australia and set to play their very first gig on our shores in Perth at Amplifier Capitol on 6 March.

Around The Sound spoke to Slaves’ vocalist and drummer, Isaac Holman, down the line from London.

What you can expect from us is good old-fashioned family fun, with a bit of blood and sweat

“I’m excited to explore Australia.  We’ve been wanting to get out there for a while, but no one’s booked us so far, so when we got the call we were there.  I’m excited to see what Perth’s all about.  I don’t know what to expect from Australia, what sort of audiences we’ll get and how they’ll respond.”

Slaves are booked to play the Download Festival in Sydney and Melbourne, but Perth will get a chance to see them up close and personal.  It’s one of those little benefits of living in the most isolated capital city in the world, sometimes you get to see bands that are massive in other parts of the world in smaller venues.  When it happens, it’s a real treat, and Slaves’ visit to Perth should be exactly that.

“That’s our stomping ground.  That’s where we flourish in those smaller venues playing to smaller crowds,” said Holman when asked about their return to a smaller venue.  “I’m on a bit of a fitness regime at the moment, because I’m just trying to get ready for performing in that intense heat. Unless I give 110%, I just won’t feel good about it.  I give every last drop of sweat that I’ve got.”


Slaves are the sort of band that invoke devotion in their fans, being adept at capturing the times and the interior lives of their audience.  It’s a relationship that genuinely goes both ways.

“We’ve got fans that have been there from the start.  We have endless love and respect for those people.  We have a really good relationship with our fans.  We have quite an open dialogue with our fans, even during shows, we like to talk to people and get everybody involved.

“We like to talk about things that the everyday man and woman can relate to.  The kind of thoughts that everybody has, but really doesn’t express.  The audience inspires us, as well, it’s a two-way thing.”

Slaves are described as a punk band, a moniker that fits them pretty well, but they exist entirely in the 21st Century, putting on highly produced shows that are a combination of sensory assault and community sing along.  Asked about Slaves’ music and performances, Holman had this to say:  “I really like confusing people.  There’s definitely simplicity within it (Slaves’ music), but it’s hard work.  Physically, it fucks me every time.  It’s an intense experience for all involved.

“What you can expect from us is good old-fashioned family fun, with a bit of blood and sweat.”

Sounds all right to us!



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