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End Of Fashion Justin Burford photo by Manuel Goria
End Of Fashion Justin Burford photo by Manuel Goria

Celebrated Perth band End Of Fashion will return next month, with their first live shows featuring new material since 2012. The band will perform two very special, intimate shows at Fremantle live music venue The Aardvark on Friday, 26 July and Saturday, 27 July.

The July shows mark the onset of a new phase for End Of Fashion; with a new line-up, new material and an album slated for release early 2020. The first single is expected to drop this September.

Around The Sound spoke to buoyant End Of Fashion front man, Justin Burford, as the browsed the record racks at Perth’s Rhubarb Records, with his old mate, Pickles.

Talking about the new songs, Burford simply said, “I feel really good about them.”

“I never really stopped writing songs.  My last record came out in 2012 (Holiday Trip Of A Lifetime) and I’ve doing acting and painting and all kinds of stuff in between, but I didn’t stop writing songs.  But I was kind of writing with my other project, Coco Blu, in mind, which was just like a little bit of fun and allowed me to try out genres that I’d never really tried before.  During that process I kind of accumulated a number of songs that weren’t right for Coco.  And during that time, I’ve had a lot of different people asking me when I’m going to do some more End Of fashion stuff.

“To be honest, I thought that was done … until late last year.  I was consolidating all of the music that I’d been working on over the last five years and realised that I’d accumulated a good number of what I’d call classic Fash sounding songs.  And that was the catalyst.  I was like, ‘I think I’ve got some tunes here!’”

Burford was genuinely excited talking about the new songs, observing, “That’s always been the thing with End Of Fashion, if there’s no songs, there’s no point.”

“After Holiday Trip, where we first learned to use the studio as an instrument and we made our first indi record, a really unapologetic pop album, I thought that was a nice place to leave the fans and leave the band.  But once I discovered these songs and realised there was something to them, it took me right back to that first album (End Of Fashion).”

“I feel like it book ends really well.  I hope this isn’t the very last End Of fashion record, but if it is, I think it would make a nice circle, bring it right back.  There’s something about this that really reminds me of that first album.”

There’s not too long to wait now until the world finds out what Burford is so excited about.  The new End Of fashion songs get their first live airing at The Aardvark on 26 and 27 July, along with the band’s new line up.

Just be there, it’ll be worth it no matter what.


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