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Fields Promises

Fields shares moving new ballad ‘Promises’; on tour through March

Whether it is the effortless grace of her melodies, the sweetness of her timbre or the irresistible dash of a Dublin accent, there is something magical in Fields’ alluring voice. Now based in Perth, the Irish native has earned her stripes fronting sweaty, touring rock bands, but is at her most intense when it is just her and an acoustic guitar or in this case, a piano. Stripped back to these primal basics, Fields soars on her latest single, Promises.

Navigating the waters between the ascendency of love and the crushing depths of heartbreak, Fields delivers raw emotion made beautiful. Through her poetic, dreamy lyrics, Promises tells a one sided story of a relationship of uncommitted romance. The pivotal lyrics “Fooled by your Valentine” suggest that some hearts can be fooled by romantic gestures and see them as unspoken promises.

Fields elaborates, “As Elvis would sing, “Only fools rush in…”, I wrote promises about that very thing. Falling hard and falling fast is a one way ticket to heartbreaksville if it’s only you on that express train.”

Promises follows on from 2018’s Neverland which was a proper taste of what Fields does live – an intimate yet boisterous brand of Celtic-flavoured folk, driven by an unrelenting acoustic guitar and meaty foot-stomp beats. Capable of scaling mountainous melodies, Fields’ voice can be fragile and delicate, then switch to roaring velocity in a heartbeat. With these ingredients, nothing needs embellishment…the production is lean and muscular, bypassing frills so as to allow her true character to flourish.

A lifer musician down to her core, Fields will play anywhere, anytime; recently completing a European tour of her own. This experience finds its way into her songs, which are both personal and fantastical. Going forward, the plan is to do more of the same: tour the world, write songs, record and release. Her loyal, ever-growing fanbase can expect to hear a lot more from Fields.


Upcoming tour dates

February 17 – The Secret Garden, s/ Steve Smyth, Nannup, WA
March 1-4 – Nannup Music Festival, Nannup, WA
March 10 – Beerfarm, Metricup, WA
March 15 – The Golden Vine, Bendigo, Vic
March 16 – Waterwheel Beach Tavern, Lake Tyres, Vic
March 17 – Waterwheel Beach Tavern, Lake Tyres, Vic
March 20 – The Drunken Poet, West Melbourne, Vic

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New single ‘Promises’ out now
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