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25 January
Photos and Review by Karen Lowe

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes have only been around for a few years but they very quickly built up a name for themselves with their live performances. It was for this reason that myself and many others were at the Rosemount Hotel on Saturday night to see if the hype lived up to reality.

A common theme throughout the world is (unfortunately) most people coming to the venue in time for the main event as they are not fussed on checking out the support bands. Thankfully, however, for local lads Ratking; there was already a good crowd who were just as keen to see them as they were for Frank Carter.

They immediately set out to impress with Keep It To Yourself, Vote4Me and Straight Out Of The Gate. They also played an absolute killer version of Come Out And Play (The Offspring) and dedicated their last song Girt as a “fuck you Scomo.”

Ratking have proven themselves to be consistent with their live performances and just keep getting better and better. Their ‘take no prisoners’ alive” way of playing as earned them many fans and these guys are fast becoming one of my favourites and their show on Saturday night was going to be a hard act to follow.

While it wasn’t a sold out show, the Rosemount was definitely packed and the temperature rising inside with a combination of body heat and excitement and by the time they stepped out on stage, you could feel the energy buzzing around the room.

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes opened with Tyrant Lizard King, Trouble, Vampire and Anxiety. “I know you are all feeling fucking great right now. I can see it on your faces.” Carter told the audience. “It’s ok if you wake up in the morning with anxiety, depression etc. It’s ok to wake up feeling that way. Just remember you have the rest of the day to make yourself feel better. This song is for you.”

For Wild Flower, Carter got the audience to move back and leave a big area in the middle. “This is a ladies only mosh pit. This is your moment.” Carter said. “You will never witness a happier mosh pit than the one you are about to witness.”

He stopped the show at one point to ensure that a crowd surfer was ok. After being reassured that the guy was fine, Carter pointed out that “I just had to check because no one ever fucking checks on me.” They ended their set with Crowbar, Devil Inside Me and “a love song to that special person that you hate more than anything” I Hate You.

From the start of their first song until the very last, Frank Carter showed everyone there that their live performance really did match up to the hype. They were full of energy and Carter not only utilised the whole stage but also the bar top and dance floor. It was also refreshing that they didn’t do the whole encore thing and instead just played the whole way through.

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